Please read the the Applying For A Passport section below carefully. If you do not have all documents, payments, and prefilled forms when you arrive, you will need to reschedule.

Passport Services By Appointment Only

Passport Services Now Available - By Appointment Only. Walk ins will not be serviced.

The City of Bonney Lake is pleased to accommodate all U.S. citizens with their passport application needs. You can apply for your passport and have your picture taken in one easy location.

Careful review of the contents of passport documents is the responsibility of the applicant. We are responsible for ensuring that state mandated formatting, documents, and legibility requirements are met.

We highly recommend that you carefully read and review your documents.

Applying For A Passport

  • An appointment is required to come in and apply for a passport.
  • You must bring in all forms prefilled out for each applicant.
  • You can come in early and fill out a paper form but must leave enough time to fill it out completely prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • If renewing a passport, please click on the link below to see if you qualify to renew in person (most are online only).
  • Both parents must be present for child passports or have the correct documents if not able to both be present (see link below).
  • Must bring 2 checks or money orders to pay for the passport fees and the acceptance processing fee. 
  • Must bring in 2 passport photos or have your photo taken at your scheduled appointment ($15.00 per person).
  • Must bring proof of citizenship, such as certified copy of birth certificate, previously issued passport (if you have a previous passport, you must bring this with you) or certificate of naturalization. No photo copies are allowed.
  • Must bring photo identification such as driver's license (not temporary nor learner's permit), government employee identification card, official military identification card, previous U.S. passport, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, and/or aircraft pilot's license issued by the Department of Transportation, FAA. Multiple forms of ID may be required.

Passport Fees

There are 2 checks or money orders needed for payments. No cash or credit/debit cards accepted for the passport book or card fees.

First Check/Money Order Paid to the Department of State

Adult Passport Book (16 Years and Older)  $130 per person
Child Passport Book (15 years and Younger)   $100 per person

Adult Passport Card (16 Years and Older)   $30 per person
Child Passport Card (15 Years and Younger)   $15 per person

Second Check/Money Order Paid to the City of Bonney Lake

Acceptance Processing Fee  $35 per person
Color Passport Photo Set   $15 per person
Adult Passport Renewal (Form DS-82) Mailing & Convenience Fee  $15.00