Court Public Disclosures

The City of Bonney Lake Municipal Court receives requests for a variety of records and information.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, or you would like to request copies of records, please find the information below under the department tab that the records would be processed by.


If a disclosure request is received during normal business hours, the Court will provide a response by the 5th business day after receipt. If the request is received when Court offices are closed, the 5-business day response period will start on the next occurring business day. Within 5-business days of the receipt by the Court of the request for disclosure, the Public Records Officer for the Municipal Court or designee shall:

(1) Provide the record, or the portion of the record(s) subject to disclosure, after the payment of applicable fees; or

(2) Acknowledge the Court's receipt of the request, accompanied by an estimate of time necessary for further response; or

(3) Deny the request accompanied by an explanation of the basis of denial; or

(4) Request a deposit for the records requested along with an estimate of time necessary to complete the request; or

(5) Ask for clarification of the request for records.

The Court will work to expedite a response to your disclosure request. Requests will generally be handled in the order received. However, the Court may handle simple requests first based on our best estimate of how to most expeditiously handle the total number of current requests.

Fees for copies, scanning, postage, delivery, electronic records, and other miscellaneous fees for Bonney Lake are outlined in BLMLcR 1.1 and RCW 3.62.060

Fees for copies, scanning, postage, delivery, electronic records, and other miscellaneous fees for Sumner are outlined in Sumner Municipal Court's local rule 9.1 and RCW 3.62.060.

Deposit and Payment for Duplication

Payment of duplication and applicable postage fees shall be made prior to the disclosure of public records. The Public Records Officer may require the requester to deposit a sum equal to 10% of the estimated cost prior to duplication of the records. In the event that a deposit is required, the Court will notify the requester of the necessity of the deposit. If the actual duplication and deposit fees are less than the amount deposited by the requester, the Court will return the sum in excess of the actual amount to the requester.

Submit the Municipal Court Records Request form to the Bonney Lake Municipal Court to request a recorded transcript, court docket, or other court documents.

Email:[email protected]
Mail or In Person:
Justice & Municipal Center
Attn: Municipal Court
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Fax: 253-862-3053

Phone: 253-862-6606

To request records from other City departments please view the City Public Records web page.
Vacate and Seal Records
Washington State law allows for the vacation of some misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor convictions.  The vacation of a conviction releases the person convicted from all penalties resulting from the conviction.  Here is a link to the information and documents to Vacate or Seal a Conviction.  

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Municipal Court Staff

Justice & Municipal Center
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