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The City of Bonney Lake is the fifth largest city in Pierce County and has been one of the faster growing cities in Washington State. The area was established in 1853, but not incorporated until 1949 with just 327 residents. Today, Bonney Lake is home to more than 20,500 residents, with a service population well in excess of 25,000.

Our residents enjoy many city-sponsored events that promote community pride and public involvement. With our natural beauty, lakes and streams, and our friendly people, Bonney Lake is a wonderful place to live, work, shop or play.

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Terry Carter


Bonney Lake is organized as a non-charter code city, under the mayor-council form of government. The optional municipal code ('code city'), Title 35A RCW, was devised as an alternative to the existing statutory system of municipal government in Washington. The basic objective of the code was to increase the abilities of cities to cope with complex urban problems by providing broad statutory home rule authority in matters of local concern to all municipalities, regardless of population. Cities operating under the optional municipal code are commonly referred to as code cities.

Under the optional municipal code, cities may take any action on matters of local concern so long as that action is neither prohibited by the State Constitution nor in conflict with the general law of the state. The powers granted to code cities include all the powers granted to any other class of city in any existing or future legislative enactment, unless the legislature specifically makes a statute inapplicable to code cities.

The City of Bonney Lake is led by a publicly-elected Mayor and a seven-member City Council. All members of the City Council are elected 'at-large' and represent the entire City.

Prior to April 2011, the Council consisted of two at-large Council members and 5 Council members who were elected by Ward (district). In March 2011 the City Council approved Ordinance 1383, providing for an all "At-Large" system of Council representation. Per this Ordinance, which took effect on April 7, 2011, the City Council "shall consist of seven members, all of whom shall be elected at large". Councilmember position titles have changed to reflect the all at-large system, and the Ward system is no longer in use.

Our Mission

"The City of Bonney Lake is a balanced community with a residential character that conserves natural amenities while supporting a diverse mix of economic activities. The community provides places for children and residents to meet and socialize, and is a center for diverse cultural and social opportunities such as theater, art, social organization meetings and celebrations. The City promotes a safe, attractive and healthful living environment for residents' various physical, educational, economic and social activities while maintaining an adequate tax base to provide a high level of accountable, accessible, and efficient local government services. The City is an active participant in interlocal and regional services and planning organizations."

Executive Branch
”TerryThe Mayor is the head of the Executive branch of the city government. The position is part-time. The Mayor is assisted by a full-time professional City Administrator, who administers the day-to-day operations of the City.

To learn more about our current Mayor, Terry Carter, visit the Mayor's page.

View the City's Organizational Chart to see how various departments are structured. Departmental organizational charts are available on each specific department page.

Legislative Branch

AboutThe City Council is Bonney Lake's seven-member elected legislature. City-wide Council elections are held every two years. Councilmembers are elected to four-year terms. There are currently no term limits. Councilmembers are non-partisan (they do not represent political parties). All seven Council members are elected 'at-large' and represent the entire City.

The goal of Bonney Lake City Council is to give citizens the opportunity to participate in the process of government and help our community achieve its full potential. Among its primary duties, the City Council makes laws, sets policies, adopts regulations and budgets, levies taxes, controls the finances and property of the City, authorizes public improvement, provides for public safety and health, forms boards, commissions and agencies; and oversees a wide-ranging agenda for the community.

The City Council's business is conducted in an open public forum. Executive sessions, however, are portions of regular or special meetings that may be closed to the public. Only specific topics may be considered in executive session - generally those where public disclosure would harm individual interests or legitimate interests of the City.

Most Washington cities have adopted council rules of procedure and they are usually adopted by resolution. However, in Bonney Lake, the council rules have been adopted by ordinance and are codified as BLMC Chapter 2.04. These rules (included as an attachment to this handbook) govern the way the City Council conducts its business, and covers such topics as council meetings, voting, citizen participation, meeting decorum, etc.

Every even numbered year (bi-annually) in January, the City Council elects one of its members to serve as the Deputy Mayor (Council President). BLMC Chapter 2.04.510 outlines the duties of the Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor chairs meetings of the city council, but can only vote in the case of a tie. However, the Mayor is not authorized to make or second motions, nor vote on matters concerning his own pay, franchises/licenses, grants, or resolution involving the payment of funds. The City Attorney or Assistant City Attorney acts as the Council's Parliamentarian.

Council Meetings

All Meetings are open to the Public

Download the "Guide to City Council Meetings"

City Council Workshops

The Council meets in Workshop (as a Committee of the Whole) on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council Workshop meetings are open to the public. Normally, the Workshop consists only of discussion items, although items could be scheduled for action (voting). No citizen comments are taken at the workshop, except for items scheduled for action.

City Council Meetings

The City Council meets for regular Meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. A citizen comment period is scheduled at the beginning of each Council Meeting, during which citizens can address the council on any matter for a period of up to 5 (five) minutes.

The City Council does not normally meet on the 5th Tuesday of the month, but may on occasion schedule that date to meet in a special meeting or a joint session with one of the City's advisory boards.

Find more information on these related pages:

Council Standing Committees

Council Standing Committees

The City Council has the following standing committees:

  • Finance
  • Community Development
  • Public Safety

Committee rules are set in BLMC 2.04.860. For details on the respective Committees, including members, agendas, and meeting dates, please see the Council Standing Committees page.

Boards & Commissions
Boards & Commissions

The City has the following boards & commissions:

•Arts Commission
•Planning Commission
•Design Commission
•Civil Service Commission
•Park Commission

More information on the City's Boards & Commissions, including membership, meeting dates, agendas and minutes, can be found on the Boards & Commissions Page.

City Clerk's Office

Justice & Municipal Center
9002 Main St E
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Phone: 253-862-8602