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Build A Kit

Recent events like long-term power outages during snowstorms, losing communications during large fires, supply chain issues during pandemics, and more have shown us we need to be considering the possibility of being on our own for up to two weeks. Therefore, we need to make sure we build a supply kit capable of helping us make it through that time.

Making a kit can be a process. You may not need, have room for, or be able to afford all the items right away, but each item will add to how well you can survive and thrive during a disaster.

As you build your kit of supplies, you will want to think about what you might truly need while you are on your own. Here are some resources to help you consider what your kit should look like to help you make it through.

Basic Kit
  • Water, Canned Food, Can Opener, Snacks
  • Change of Clothing
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  •             o Toothbrush/Toothpaste
                o Shampoo/Conditioner
                o Male & Female Hygiene Products
  • Trash bags, Gloves, Tools
  • Extra cash in small bills
  • Battery Powered Weather Radio/Batteries
  • Blankets
  • First Aid Kit, Dust Mask
  • Medications, Glasses, Contacts
  • Important Documents for your Family
  • Emergency Contact List
  • Map of Surrounding Area
  • Flashlight
  • Paper/Pen
  • Tissues/Antibacterial Wipes/Hand Sanitizer

    Individuals with Access and Functional Needs
  • Assistive Technology/Instructions
  • Cane/Walker/Wheelchair/Crutches
  • Back-up Medical Equipment
  • Health Information/Medications
  • Caregiver Information
  • Lists of Medical Devices Needed and their Model Numbers
  • Extra wheelchair batteries Catheters or other regularly used medical equipment
  • Food for service animals, if applicable
  • Infants and Young Children
  • Formula, Bottles, Pacifier
  • Food, Snacks, Baby Food
  • Utensils, Bowls, Sippy Cup
  • Diapers, Wipes, Diaper Cream
  • Medications
  • Clothes, Socks, Blankets
  • Activities/Toys/Stuffed Animals/Books/Games
  • Pets and Service Animals
  • Tags, Leashes, Carriers
  • Medications, Vet Records, Vet Contact Information
  • Pictures of Pets
  • Water, Food/Snacks for 3 days
  • Toys, Blankets
  • Grooming Items, Sanitary Wipes
  • Crate/Cage
  • Litter, Litter Box, Newspapers/Paper Towels, Trash Bags

  • Maintaining Your Kit
    Check your supplies at least once a year (on your birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.) or during life events (car tab renewal, tax season, etc.), and review the contents in case an item got borrowed and never returned, or a new item needs to be added to your kit. Do not forget to update the important paperwork stored in your kits!
    Maintaining Your Kit Flyer