COVID-19 Phase 2 Construction Information

In accordance with state-wide phased reopening, please use the links below to access the City's most recent information on inspection procedures.   

COVID-19 Inspection Procedures (Updated)

Plans must be consistent with linked guidance below:
COVID-19 Phase 2 Construction Safety Guidance from the Governor's Office

Justice & Municipal Center CLOSED

The Justice & Municipal Center will be closed to the public until further notice to slow the spread of COVID-19. Persons with court appointments are allowed access to the building for court services.  Many of our services are available online and staff can be reached by email or phone. Our main number is 253-862-8602.

Proceeding with construction activity without a required inspection and/or permit is a violation of City regulations and may result in the need to remove completed elements and/or work to allow for the inspections to be completed in the future once phasing requirements are lifted.


In an effort to protect our community the City of Bonney Lake Permit Center is closed to walk-in traffic at this time. Please, submit your questions using the convenient links below so we can continue to provide you with the information you need. If you are asking a question about an ongoing permit please include your permit number in the email. If you are asking about a potential project please include your address or parcel number.

Ask a permit technician: use this option for general questions about the permit process, submittal requirements, or if you are unsure who you should talk to.

Ask a planner: use this option if you have questions regarding zoning/land use, SEPA, setbacks, impervious surface coverage, critical areas, removal of vegetation (including trees), or signs.

Ask the building plan’s reviewer: use this option if you have questions regarding the building code or a letter you received from the Building Department.

Ask an engineer: use this option if you have questions regarding civil plans, stormwater submittals, certificates of sewer or water availability, and street or road approach standards.

As always, you can use our online permit services portal to track your permit, schedule inspections, or look up information on your project.


Public Services offers a one-stop shop Permit Center for all permit activity. Our Development Review Team includes planners, engineers, permit technicians, inspectors and code compliance officers. We coordinate reviews with East Pierce Fire District for all project as well.

Our work entails reviewing plans, inspecting projects, investigating code violations, and meeting with potential applicants to assist in the processes set forth by our codes. These services ensure that projects are safe and aligned with federal, state and city codes.

To obtain applications scroll through the tabs below.

The Submittal Process

The City of Bonney Lake requires all applications, documents and plans to be submitted electronically.  All submittal and resubmittal materials are required to be dropped into the box at the bottom of the application. Please have your submittal materials ready at the time you complete your application form.  If you have questions please contact the Administrative Assistant at the contact information available to the left.  

Track Your Application, Pay Fees, and Request Inspections

Click here to be taken to the online portal where you can track your submitted applications, pay fees and request inspections.  


Resubmittal Applications for All Permit Types
You will find resubmittal applications for all permit types in the list below.
To get started with the resubmittal process, you will need the permit number(s) for the permit(s) you are resubmitting, as well as pdf versions of your resubmittal materials ready to be uploaded. All resubmittal materials are required to be uploaded into the box at the bottom of the resubmittal application prior to submittal. If no resubmittal materials are uploaded, the permit center will require a new resubmittal application to be filled out with the documents uploaded.

Civil Permit Resubmittal Application: Use this application if you are resubmitting documents pertaining to a CIV permit.

Commercial Resubmittal Application: Use this application if you are resubmitting documents pertaining to a commercial BLD permit – i.e. new commercial building, tenant improvement or remodel.

Multi-Family Resubmittal Application: Use this application if you are resubmitting documents pertaining to a multi-family BLD permit.

Planning Permit Resubmittal Application: Use this application if you are resubmitting documents pertaining to a PLN permit. Each PLN permit you are resubmitting requires a separate resubmittal application.

Residential Resubmittal Application: Click here if you are resubmitting documents pertaining to a residential BLD permit – i.e. new single family residence, addition, remodel or detached structure.

Click HERE to view fees associated with resubmittals - Chapter 3.68 of the City of Bonney Lake Municipal Code.
Building Permits

Commercial Permit
These permits are used for new commercial construction, remodels,  tenant improvements, change of use and change of occupant.

Residential Permits
These permits are used for new residential construction, additions and alterations.   

Multi-Family Building Permit
These permits are used for multi-family developments. 

Plumbing Permit
These permits are used for backflow device, lawn sprinkler with backflow device, rough medical gas, rough medical vacuum, rough plumbing, underground plumbing and water service.

Mechanical Permit
These permits are used for duct installation, HVAC, refrigeration, rough gas pipe, rough mechanical and underground gas pipes.

Demolition Permit
These permits are used for the demolition of commercial and residential structures. 

Electrical Permit
Washington State Department of Labor and Industries issues all electrical permit for properties located within Bonney Lake city limits. 

More information call 253-596-3800

Civil Permits

The Civil Construction Permitting process was incorporated into the Bonney Lake Municipal Code per Ordinance 1432 in 2012. BLMC Chapter 15.36 provides a process for inspection of civil construction activities to ensure an effective and functional water system, sewer system, transportation system, and stormwater and drainage system.

A Civil Improvement Permit is required for the following construction activities:

  • Grading and Filling
  • Underground Infrastructure for Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Grease Interceptors
  • Sanitary Sewer and Water Extensions Within the Right-of-Way (ROW)
  • Roadway Extensions
  • Short Plats
  • Preliminary Plats
  • Improvement Inspections 

Note from East Pierce Fire & Rescue regarding Civil Plan Review:

Plans shall clearly indicate the location of:

  •   Existing and proposed fire hydrants.
  •   Fire access lanes with a truck maneuvering diagram (access lanes shall have a minimum width of 20 feet,).
  •   Minimum 28 foot inside turning radius,
  •   13'6" minimum vertical clearance and a maximum 10% (grade) for review and approval.

Fire roads/lanes, fire hydrants and other fire equipment shall have an approved pavement marking and/or signage to prevent them from being obstructed.

A separate Underground Fire Line Permit may be required.  Please check with the City of Bonney Lake Development Review Engineer and the Assistant Fire Marshal reviewing your plans.   

Civil Permit Application

Civil Permit Resubmittal Application

Civil Development Permit Submittal Packet

Pre-Construction Meeting Application

Fire Permits
Fire Permits

East Pierce Fire & Rescue is not permitted to design your project, water supply system, hydrant placement, or fire protection systems. 

All permit applications must be specific to fire review and shall include:  stamped electronic set of plans with sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of work proposed shown in detail, and specific to the work to be performed.  All submittals shall comply with the provisions of the Bonney Lake Municipal Code, the current International Fire Code and the Standards established by the City of Bonney Lake and the Fire Chief (NFPA).

Underground Fire Line Permit

A separate Underground Fire Line Permit may be required.  Please check with the City of Bonney Lake Development Review Engineer and the Assistant Fire Marshal reviewing your plans.  Stamped electronic plans clearly showing hydrant locations in relation to fire line, fire department connections and post indicating valves for each building.

Installation and testing of sprinkler underground shall be completed by a state certified level "U" contractor.  This is a separate permit and separate submittal process.  This process may run concurrent with the civil permit process. 

Fire Sprinkler Permit

All new single family residence require a fire sprinkler permit.  See the residential handout for assistance.  Some commercial and all multifamily residence require sprinkler permits, these submittals shall include:  Fire Permit Applications, Electronic Plan Set Via, Permit Fee, Calculation and cut sheets shall be submitted by a WA state Certified Sprinkler Contractor or Engineer.

Fire Alarm Permit

A fire alarm permit is required some for commercial and multifamily projects.  The submittal shall include Fire Permit Application, Electronic Plan Set Via, Permit fee, Floor Plan, Battery Calculations and device cut sheet.  All applications shall be submitted by a Fire Alarm Contractor.  

Fire Permit (Alarm, Sprinkler, Suppression and Underground Fire Line)

Residential Multipurpose Fire Sprinkler Systems Handout
Planning Permits

Please note most applications have a submittal worksheet, see list below, to help in the development of complete applications.  Many applications begin with the submittal of the Land Use Application and each permit requires the completion of a separate Land Use Application.  

Submittal Worksheets
Submittal Worksheets are designed to provide guidance for submitting complete applications, but do not replace a review of the code related to each application type. 

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