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Fire Permits

Fire Permits

The Building Fire Safety Inspector is not permitted to design your project, water supply system, hydrant placement, or fire protection systems. 

All permit applications must be specific to fire review and shall include:  stamped electronic set of plans with sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of work proposed shown in detail, and specific to the work to be performed.  All submittals shall comply with the provisions of the Bonney Lake Municipal Code, the current International Fire Code and the standards established by the City of Bonney Lake and the Fire Chief (NFPA).

Fire Permit Application

Underground Fire Line Permit

A separate Underground Fire Line Permit may be required.  Please check with the City of Bonney Lake Development Review Engineer and the Building Fire Safety Inspector reviewing your plans.  Stamped electronic plans clearly showing hydrant locations in relation to fire line, fire department connections and post indicating valves for each building.

Installation and testing of sprinkler underground shall be completed by a state certified level "U" contractor.  This is a separate permit and separate submittal process.  This process may run concurrent with the civil permit process. 

Fire Sprinkler Permit

All new single family residence require a fire sprinkler permit.  See the residential handout for assistance.  Some commercial and all multifamily residence require sprinkler permits, these submittals shall include:  floor plan, calculation and cut sheets.  Calculation and cut sheets shall be submitted by a WA state Certified Sprinkler Contractor or Engineer.

Fire Alarm Permit

A fire alarm permit is required for some commercial and multifamily projects.  The submittal shall include: floor plan, battery calculations and device cut sheet.  All applications shall be submitted by a Fire Alarm Contractor.  

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Permit

A solar photovoltaic is required for residential, commercial and multifamily projects.  The submittal shall include: site plan to include a roof plan showing locations of panels and roof pitches, and manufacturer specification sheets. 

All residential projects shall include the checklist below with submittal:
Residential Solar Photovoltaic Checklist