The City of Bonney Lake's Water Service Area is on the plateau, generally from Rhodes Lake Road on the south to the Pierce County boundary to the north. The City provides water to approximately 39,127 people with over 13,851 residential and commercial connections.

Water is supplied to the City of Bonney Lake via facilities located at Grainger Springs, Victor Falls Springs, the Tacoma Point Well Field, and the Ball Park Well and Treatment sites. The City is dedicated to providing water that exceeds the quality requirements of the Department of Health and is going to great efforts to enhance our water quality and protect our water sources. More information regarding the water system and quality of your water can be found in the Water Quality Report. This report is published and made available to the public yearly by July 1.
Cross-Connection Program and Backflow Prevention

The City of Bonney Lake operates and maintains a cross connection control program, in accordance with the Department of Health requirements per Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 246-290-490 which states, "Purveyors have the responsibility to protect the public water systems from contamination due to cross connection. Cross connections which can be eliminated shall be eliminated. The Purveyors shall work cooperatively with the local authorities to eliminate or control potential cross connections."

A Cross Connection is defined as any actual or potential connection between a potable water supply and any body of water, pipe, vessel, tank, plumbing fixture, equipment or device through which it is possible for used, polluted or contaminated water, or any other substance to enter into the potable water system.

Cross Connection Control protects public health by requiring the installation of backflow prevention assembly's at all actual or potential cross connections per the City's residential and commercial backflow prevention requirements. These assemblies must be registered with the City and tested annually by a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT).

The City of Bonney Lake is no longer accepting paper or emailed test reports. We have migrated to a new system for digital test report entry called SwiftComply, and will only be accepting reports submitted thought the new software. Please navigate to the SwiftComply Tester Registration to create an account. 

Cross connections can exist in all plumbing systems; therefore the City operates and maintains a Cross Connection Control Program. This program helps reduce the risk of contaminants entering into the public water supply by eliminating cross connections and ensuring backflow protection devices are installed and functioning correctly. For more information about our Cross Connection Control Program please email our Cross Connection Email.

Commercial Connections

Type of Connection Required Assembly
Requirements vary on the degree of potential hazard. Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

Nonresidential/Multi-Dwelling Fire Sprinkler System

Type of Connection Required Assembly
Systems with no chemicals added Double Check Valve Assembly
Systems with chemicals added or utilizing secondary sources of water Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Type of Connection Required Assembly
Systems with no chemicals added Double Check Valve Assembly
Systems with chemicals added or utilizing secondary sources of water Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

Irrigation Systems

Type of Connection Required Assembly
Systems with no chemicals added Double Check Valve Assembly
Systems with chemicals added or utilizing secondary sources of water Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

Auxiliary Water Sources

Include but are not limited to lakes, streams, ponds, well and tanks. Because the City of Bonney Lake has no control over the quality of the auxiliary water source and because there is a potential for that water line to be connected to the City supplied water, the presence of these auxiliary water sources requires the installation of a reduced pressure backflow assembly on the customer's supply line behind the meter. Taking water from these sources is regulated by the Department of Ecology and is illegal.

Meter Reading
The City of Bonney Lake Water Division employs two meter readers that read approximately 14,000 water meters.  Residential water meters inside city limits are read January, March, May, July, September and November and residential water meters outside city limits are read in February, April, June, August, October and December.  Commercial water meters are read monthly.

Please keep your water meter accessible and free of all obstructions so that our staff can quickly read your meter or turn off the water in case of emergency.  Common obstructions include grass and other landscaping foliage and materials as well as cars, trailers, garbage and recycle containers, construction equipment  or supplies, and gravel.  To avoid damage to your landscaping and in order to provide you with accurate water and sewer bills, please assist us in maintaining the foliage and other obstructions around your water meter.  Your water meter box is typically found at the property line or in a nearby utility easement and is a rectangular concrete, plastic, or metal box with a similar lid.

The City is also in the process of upgrading all of the water meters to a new radio read style meter. These meters are highly accurate, and are capable of recording 96 full days of information in 15 minute increments. This is extremely helpful information in determining usage patterns and leak information. Staff are currently upgrading the water meters at the rate of 10% per year, and should be completed in the year 2024. This system will also enable implementation of a web based system that will allow the consumers to instantly access their water utility account and  consumption details.

If you suspect you have a leak, the following brochure links have information regarding each meter currently in use within the Bonney Lake Water System, how to read the meters, and how to determine if you have a leak. If you have questions or would prefer staff to come out and assist you with this, please call 253-447-4319.

Might Have a Leak Brochure
How To Find and Check Your Meter Brochure
Checking Your Manual or Touch Read Meter Brochure

Water Quality Report

Nine million gallons per day (MGD) of the City of Bonney Lake's drinking water is supplied by groundwater pumped from springs at Victor Falls and Grainger Springs, and well water from our Tacoma Point and Ball Park sites. Additionally, we have water supply agreements to receive another four MGD from Tacoma Public Utility (TPU). Throughout our water system, we have over 20 million gallons of water in storage reservoirs.

To ensure safe, high quality water, the Water Division continuously monitors and samples the water quality. During the 2022 calendar year, the Water Division took 480 routine bacteria samples and 1 bacteria samples to test new connections and 19 engineering samples. Operators also took 16 sets of Disinfectant By-Products samples, and 8 samples for inorganic chemicals. An independent certified laboratory tests these samples to ensure the safety of your drinking water.

The City of Bonney Lake is pleased to provide you with the annual Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report. This report summarizes the drinking water quality provided by the City of Bonney Lake. Each report includes details about where your water came from, how it was tested, and how it complied with state and federal regulations.

2023 Water Quality Report
2022 Water Quality Report
2021 Water Quality Report
2020 Water Quality Report
2019 Water Quality Report
2018 Water Quality Report
2017 Water Quality Report

Fire Hydrant Meter Rental

Fire Hydrant Meter Usage

The City of Bonney Lake issues fire hydrant meters for use on construction sites, for street sweeping purposes, or other miscellaneous short term uses. To obtain a fire hydrant meter, contact the Public Works Administrative personnel at 253-447-4319. There is a $500 deposit due at time of rental. You will be billed monthly for your consumption and water availability charge. Your final consumption will be deducted from the deposit upon return of the meter. The City does not provide a backflow prevention device with the fire hydrant meter. The renter of the meter is responsible for the backflow prevention device. The City requires any backflow prevention device used with the fire hydrant meter be tested by a certified Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) in the field before the meter can be used. City personnel will witness this test. If the renter is using a water truck, a mechanical backflow prevention device is not required if the truck has an approved Air Gap. City personnel will inspect the truck to assure the Air Gap is compliant. Fire hydrant meters can be picked up at the Public Works Administrative Office located at 21719 96th St, Buckley, WA 98321. We also have a water fill station available for use, located at 9496 198th Ave E.  Please contact Public Works Administrative personnel to acquire usage instructions and an access and pin code. You will be billed monthly for your consumption.

Hydrant Meter Rental Form
Water Conservation Tips
Both Water and Sewer charges are based on how much water you use. To save money on both, the following water conservation suggestions are offered for residential customers. It is important to minimize both daily water consumption quantity and to minimize water use during peak water use hour periods.

You can find additional water conservation tips at the following sites:

Using Water Wisely

Department of Health Wastewater Management and Water Conservation

Tacoma Public Utility tips on saving water and lowering bills

American Water Works Association Water Conservation

Cascade Water Alliance Water Efficiency

Water Use Efficiency

The main component of the City of Bonney Lake Water Use Efficiency program is managing the water distribution system to minimize water loss and encouraging responsible use of the water by our customers.

Water loss is the difference between the total water produced and the water used by our customers, presented here as a percentage of water produced.  The City of Bonney Lake Utility goal since 1999 has been to maintain water loss at or below 10 percent in accordance with the Water Use Efficiency reporting requirements, the water loss for 2021 was 6.15% with a five-year average of 7.96%. In an effort to limit water loss, the Utility performs annual leak detection and repair; tests production and service meters, calibrating or replacing them as required; and issues permits for water withdrawal from hydrants. Repairs associated with our 2021 annual leak detection program will save an estimated 2,656,800 gallons per month and 31,881,600 gallons of water per year.

Responsible water use by our customers is promoted by the Utility through educational programs for school children and homeowners. Quantifying the benefits of educational programs and corresponding behavior changes is difficult, but reductions in water use and/or waste can have significant impact on the amount of water use. The City of Bonney Lake is committed to efficiently managing the water distribution system and encourages you to use water wisely.


2022 WUE Report

2021 WUE Report

2020 WUE Report    

2019 WUE Report

2018 WUE Report   

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