Public Works

The services provided by Bonney Lake Public Works are diverse with past, current, and projected future growth as well as various federal, state, county and city regulations impacting the level and amount of services offered to our citizens. Development and population size impact the number of utility customers we serve, the amount of water we deliver, the amount of sewage our sewer system conveys and cleans, the amount of traffic on the city's streets, and the volume of stormwater generated within Bonney Lake City limits.

What started as a small water system on the plateau has turned into a full service organization serving a population of nearly 40,000. We are responsible for ensuring that:

    •  the water you drink is clean,
    •  wastewater is conveyed properly to protect your health and the surrounding environment,
    •  the streets and sidewalks within City limits that you use are safe,
    •  City parks provide a beautiful space for you and your family, and
    •  stormwater runoff is properly treated and disbursed back into the environment.
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Public Works Center
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City of Bonney Lake
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