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What will Bonney Lake look like in 2049?

The City is updating the Comprehensive Plan to reflect how the residents of the community want the City to grow in 25 years, which will coincide with the City’s centennial in 2049. As the City updates the Comprehensive Plan, the City wants to know and understand what the community identifies as shared values and goals and create policies that benefit the entire community of Bonney Lake. The City expects to complete the Comprehensive Plan update in October 2024.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) enacted in 1990, provides a framework for state, regional, county, and local planning coordination, requiring cities and counties to develop a plan to help manage growth over a 20-year planning period. This plan is referred to commonly as a Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan guides citywide policies on topics that affect our daily lives including housing, transportation, economic development, the natural environment, land use, and parks.

Project Timeline

Fall 2023:

  •  Public Engagement Events
    Develop the Community Vision and Goals
  • Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Spaces (PTROS) Public Engagement
    Gather Feedback on the PTROS Plan

Winter 2023 - 2024:

  • Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Spaces Plan Public Hearings
  • Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Spaces Plan Adoption
  • Draft Environmental Stewardship Element
    Conservation, Management and  Utilization of Natural Resources 

 Spring 2024:

  • Draft Community Development Element
    Housing, Land Use, Population Growth, and Economic Development
  • Draft Mobility Element
    Transportation, and Accessibility
  • Draft Community Facilities and Services Element
    Water and Sewer Infrastructure, Parks, Recreation, Capital Improvement and Investment Programs

 Summer 2024:

  • Draft Comprehensive Plan
  • Public Engagement Events
    Feedback on Draft Comprehensive Plan

 Fall 2024:

  • Final Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing
  • Final Comprehensive Plan Adoption

Learn more and join the conversation

The City of Bonney Lake believes that a fully involved community better understands how and why the City adopts policies. We are committed to including community as part of the process in ways that benefit the community. To support this, we are providing a wide range of public input opportunities during the update process.
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