Recent Increase in Jury Duty Scams Reported in Washington State

Washington courts and justice system members are reporting a recent and significant increase in jury scam calls, emails and mailings targeting state residents. Scammers can be very convincing, repeating your name, address, Social Security numbers and other information that makes them seem legitimate. Please tell your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors that courts, law enforcement and government agencies do not initiate calls about missing jury service and warrants and will never ask for payment or financial information over the phone.


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If you receive a summons as a juror for Bonney Lake, Eatonville, Sumner, and South Prairie Municipal Court, please check the jury trial status on this web page or call the juror hotline at 253-447-3206, to see if your service is needed. The final status will be available no later than 4:30 pm on the day before your start date. Since trials may be CANCELED, it is important for you to determine if your appearance and service is needed. We know your time is valuable and do not want you to make an unnecessary trip to the courthouse.

JUROR HOTLINE: 253-447-3206

Eligible residents may be called for jury duty at the Municipal Court at any time. For questions about your jury service, please follow the instructions on your jury summons, call the court at 253-862-6606, or send an email to the Jury Administrator.


Jury Service Information & FAQ's

Jury Service Information

Check-in Time:

While check-in time is officially 8:00 a.m., we understand the Justice and Municipal Center does not open its doors until 8:30 a.m. and that you will be subject to a security check prior to entering the court area. We take this need for additional time into consideration and also appreciate your patience.

What to Bring to Jury Duty:

Jury service can entail some waiting time. You may want to bring reading material, crossword puzzles, etc.  

What NOT to Bring:

Before your first day of duty, please review the information about courtroom expectations. This list explains what is generally not permitted in the courtroom.


The Bonney Lake Justice and Municipal Center is a non-smoking building, including its offices, conference rooms, lunchrooms, restrooms, lobbies, and stairwells. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the building.

Voir Dire:

After you have reported for jury duty, you will be selected for a jury panel along with other jurors. A jury of six people will eventually be selected to hear the case. The judge will explain the case and introduce the participants and the lawyers. The judge and lawyers will question the jury panel members to determine if anyone has knowledge of the case, a personal interest in it, or any feelings that might make it hard to be impartial. This process is called "voir dire", a phrase meaning "to speak the truth".

Questions asked during this process may seem personal, but should be answered completely and honestly. The questions are not intended to embarrass anyone but are used to make sure that members of the jury do not have opinions or past experiences which might prevent reaching an impartial decision.

During voir dire the lawyers may ask the judge to excuse a juror from sitting on the case. This is called "challenging a juror". There are two types of challenges: a challenge for cause and a peremptory challenge.  A challenge for cause means the lawyer has a specific reason for thinking that a juror would not be able to be impartial. For example, the case may involve driving under the influence of alcohol. If a juror had been in an accident with a drunk driver and was still upset about it, the defense attorney could ask that the juror be excused for that reason. There is no limit to the number of jurors who may be excused for challenges for cause.

Peremptory challenges do not require the lawyers to state any reason for excusing a juror.  Peremptory challenges are intended to allow lawyers, both prosecution and defense, to do their best to assure that the trial is fair. These are limited to three per side in most cases.

Order of Events in a Trial

After the jury is selected, the trial will generally follow this order of events:

Opening Statements:

The lawyers for each side may explain the case, the evidence they will present, and the issues for the jury to decide.

Presentation of the Evidence:

The evidence consists of the testimony of witnesses and the exhibits allowed by the judge. Exhibits admitted into evidence will be available to the jury for examination during deliberations. The jury will be asked to make decisions regarding disputed facts; therefore, jurors' attention at all times is critically important. Juror note taking or the use of any notes will be determined by the judge.

Rulings by the Judge:

The judge may be asked to decide questions of law during the trial. Occasionally, the judge may ask jurors to leave the courtroom while the lawyers make their legal arguments. The jurors should understand that such interruptions are needed to make sure that their verdict is based upon proper evidence, as determined by the judge under the Rules of Evidence.

Instructions to the Jury:

At the close of all the evidence, the judge will read the instructions to the jury, explaining the law and other considerations in the case.

Closing Arguments:

After the instructions, the lawyers have the opportunity to summarize the evidence in their closing arguments and to try to persuade the jury to accept a view of the case.


After closing arguments, the jury is isolated to decide the verdict in the case.

How do I Request to be Excused From Jury Duty

Medical Exemption:

A medical exemption is cause for excuse from jury service. A letter from your physician must be attached to the juror summons and returned to the court.

Job related exemption:

Job related exemptions require a letter from your employer. Since jury service is for a very limited amount of time, your employer must show that your presence is vital and that your absence would create an undue hardship.

Excusal request:

Eligibility for jury duty stays in place as long as you live in Pierce County. However, if you are now living a great distance away and travel is a hardship, you may request in writing to be excused.

Postpone service:

A postponement of jury service can be obtained by writing a letter to the court or send an email to the Jury Administrator.

General Jury Duty Information from Washington Courts

For additional information and video on Jury Service visit the Washington Courts Juror Information.

The Washington State Jury Video
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