The Bonney Lake/Sumner Municipal Court Probation department monitors conditions of sentence imposed on defendants placed on probation for misdemeanor offenses. The probation department monitors cases placed on probation by a Bonney Lake or Sumner Municipal Court Judge, or Pro Tem, and serves the communities of Bonney Lake, Sumner, Eatonville, and South Prairie.


While on probation, you are expected to make your appointments and abide by the orders of the court. If you fail to appear for an appointment with your probation officer or violate a condition of your sentence, a warrant may be issued for your arrest or you may receive a summons to appear in court. It is important that you keep your address current with probation and the court at all times.


Probation can provide resources for treatment programs, human services, and other programs/services as available. This department does not provide courtesy supervision for other jurisdictions and does not transfer cases to other departments (unless the case falls under the Interstate Compact). If you are on probation and would like to move out of state, please speak with your probation officer for further information.

Jail Alternatives

The probation department also provides Jail Alternative Programs such as Work Crew and Day Reporting for those referred through Bonney Lake or Sumner Municipal Court. If you are ordered to complete either Work Crew of Day Reporting in lieu of jail, please contact probation immediately to complete your intake paperwork and get signed up.     

DV-MRT Classes

Domestic Violence - Moral Reconation Therapy Classes are now provided by probation. At this time, classes are offered every Tuesday from 9:30am - 11:00am and 3:00pm - 4:30pm. The class is a minimum of 24 weeks and costs $100 for Bonney Lake, Sumner, South Prairie, and Eatonville.  Classes cost $125.00 for all other outside agencies. Additional classes will be added as needed.


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Municipal Court
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