Chip Seal Project Notification 2022
Posted on 08/30/2022
chip seal 2020The City of Bonney Lake’s contractor, Doolittle LLC, will be applying Chip Seal on Wednesday, Aug. 31 and Thursday, Sept. 1 and returning on Wednesday, Sept. 7 and Thursday, Sept. 8 to apply fog seal. Please be patient as there may be delays through the construction zones as vehicles may not travel on the surface until the seal has properly dried.

The City of Bonney Lake will be applying a chip seal to 2.6 miles of city streets this year: (See map). To see a list of streets to be chip sealed, click here

City crews will set signs stating “This Street Will Be Chip Sealed Next Week” a week before the chip seal and “This Street Will Be Chip Sealed Tomorrow” will be set the day before the chip seal.

You might have noticed the black tar lines and asphalt patching on these streets; they are a result of severe cracking in the pavement surface. These cracks were recently sealed to prevent further water damage to street surface. A chip seal consists of applying an emulsified liquid asphalt to the surface, covering the liquid asphalt with 3/8” chip rock and rolling it with a 9 wheel pneumatic roller. The following day the contractor will sweep the excess rock from the surface. Within a week, the contractor will apply a fog seal to the chipped surface to seal the road. During the chip seal and fog seal applications the contractor will direct traffic through the work zones until the surfacing has cured and the lanes have been re-opened for traffic. After the fog seal application the streets will be re-striped and the project will be complete at that time. City crews will assist with removing loose rock between the chip seal and fog seal applications but you may travel on some loose rock until it is swept. In the interim, please be patient and drive slowly on the freshly surfaced street.

Thank you for your patience during this project.