Governor Proclamation Violation Reporting
Posted on 03/31/2020

With Governor Inslee’s Enforcement announcement, it is important that our community understands law enforcement’s role.

Law enforcement's primary role is to help educate people about how to comply with orders to stay at home. We are not being asked to detain, arrest, ticket or establish checkpoints for compliance. Rumors of strict law enforcement or "martial law" are not true.

We view our role more as one of education. Educating residents on how to keep themselves safe, how to keep their families safe and most importantly, to keep the rest of the community safe, especially our vulnerable populations.

  • When officers encounter people not complying with an order, we will remind them, as appropriate, of the recommendation and restrictions.

  • No law enforcement agency has any desire to make any arrests or take anybody to jail for violations.

  • Rumors of individuals or businesses needing "passes" or "licenses" to conduct essential services are not true.

  • To report a business: DO NOT CALL 911 unless an emergency exists. Use the state's one-stop online form to report a business potentially violating orders.
  • To report an individual or private group:  DO NOT CALL 911 unless an emergency exists. Please call our non-emergency line, 253-841-5431 to report individual or private group violations. BLPD will respond to these concerns as staffing is available.

Rest assured we will continue to serve you every minute of every day and we will always enforce the laws that keep people safe.

Stay safe and healthy!