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[-] How do I reschedule my court date?
The defendant, respondent or their attorney is the only person who can request a continuance.  

You may call the Court at (253) 862-6606 or come to the Court Counter at the Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main St E, to speak with a clerk prior to the court date you want rescheduled

If you call, you may still have to come in to sign a waiver in reference to mandatory timelines on scheduling.
[-] How do I contact the Public Defender?

The Public Defender is part-time and does not keep an office at the City. A Public Defender must be appointed to your matter first before you can contact them. 

The judge will review your submitted application for assigned counsel and advise you on whether or not you qualify. If so, your matter will then be rescheduled to the Public Defender Docket.

To apply for a Public Defender or if you have other questions please call the Municipal Court at (253) 862-6606.

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[-] How do I pay a traffic violation, court fine, or parking citation?

Visit the Court - Payments page 

Traffic violations, court fines, and parking citations can be paid in person, by mail, or online. View the Municipal Court pages for details on payment options and locations.

If your account has been sent to collections and you need contact information for the collection agency, please contact the Court at (253) 862-6606.

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[-] How do I contact the Municipal Court and Judge?

Contact the Bonney Lake Municipal Court at (253) 862-6606

See also the Municipal Court page on this site. To contact specific staff please view our Online Staff Directory

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[-] How do I file for a protective order?
For information on domestic violence and protective orders, visit our Domestic Violence page. 

The Bonney Lake Municipal Court offers a Domestic Violence Protection Order Kiosk at the Justice & Municipal Center, located at 9002 Main St E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391 (get directions).

Protection Orders may also be requested at the Tacoma/Pierce County building in downtown Tacoma and via kiosks around Pierce County. For more information, visit our Domestic Violence page or contact the Pierce County Family Justice Center at (253) 798-7455, or visit their website.

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[-] How do I get directions to the Court?
The Bonney Lake Municipal Court is located at the Justice & Municipal Center building at 9002 Main St E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391.

For directions and more information, visit our Directions page. 

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[-] How do I satisfy (quash) a warrant?
You may either pay a warrant fee to quash the warrant right away, and the hearing you missed will be scheduled out about three (3) weeks and you will receive a hearing notice in the mail; or you can call the Municipal Court at (253) 862-6606 and schedule a quash date on the next available calendar for the hearing you missed. 

If your warrant is on a missed review hearing regarding unpaid court fines, you can pay the fines in full to quash the warrant and the file will be forwarded to the Judge for review on closure.

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[-] How do I find out about community service or probation?

If you have been ordered to do community service by the Municipal Court, contact the Probation Officer at (253) 447-3112.

A variety of volunteering and community service opportunities are available in Bonney Lake through various non-profit organizations - see our Human Services page for a list of groups.

For volunteer opportunities working with the City, please use the links below: 
   Senior Center 
   Special Events 
[-] How do I request a hearing?

To request a Court Hearing, please contact the Municipal Court at (253) 862-6606 or stop by the Court counter at the Justice & Municipal Center, located at 9002 Main St E, Bonney Lake, WA (get directions).

[-] How do I fight a ticket?

View the Citations, Infractions & Hearings page for detailed information. 

For questions contact the Municipal Court at (253) 862-6606 or in person at the Justice & Municipal Center, located at 9002 Main St E, Bonney Lake, WA (get directions).

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[-] How do I respond to a call to jury duty?
In the event you are summoned, please visit the Jury Duty page for more information. 

Occasionally, cases will settle before a scheduled jury trial. Check the Jury Duty page, or call the Juror Information Line at (253) 447-3206 to check if you need to report for jury duty. You may also contact the Court at (253) 862-6606 with additional questions.

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[-] How do I find City offices and buildings?
Visit our Directions page to view an interactive map and directions to the various City buildings. Click the Contact Us link for a list of City buildings and information on where various departments and offices are located.

Justice & Municipal Center
9002 Main St E 
Administrative Services, Executive, Finance, Community Development, Municipal Court, City Council Chambers

Public Works Center
19306 Bonney Lake Blvd 
Public Works Administration, Engineering & Operations

Public Safety Building
18421 Veterans Memorial Drive E (formerly Sumner Buckley Hwy)
Police Department, Fire Department

Senior Center 
19304 Bonney Lake Blvd 
Senior Services

Keywords: driving directions, locations, offices, locate, maps.
Departments: Public Works Administration, Community Development, Planning, Permits, Building, Police Department, East Pierce Fire & Rescue, Fire Department, Senior Center, Parks, Administration, Executive, Finance, Utilities, Municipal Court, Mayor's Office.
[-] How do I get court records?
To request court records, submit a written request directly to the Municipal Court

Forms are available on the Court page and at the Justice & Municipal Center (9002 Main St E, Bonney Lake). For more information please contact the Municipal Court at (253) 862-6606.

  • If you do not have a matter with the Municipal Court and wish to request a copy of a Police Department report, submit a records request to the Police Department (view information and forms here). For more information contact the Police Department at (253) 863-2218 or visit their office at the Public Safety Building.
  • To request public records from other departments beyond the Court or Police department, submit a Public Records Request to the City Clerk. For more information, view the City Clerk's page or call (253) 862-8602.

[-] How do I get a passport / renew my passport?

Passport processing services are available at the Bonney Lake Municipal Court counter at the Justice & Municipal Center, Suite 100. 

Applications and other forms may be downloaded from the U.S. Department of State's Passport website; forms are also available at the Municipal Court counter. 

For more information on passports, please see our Passports page. All applicants must be present - even children. If you have any questions, please call the court at 253-862-6606 or e-mail the Passport Processing Coordinator.  

Once the Court mails your passport applications they become the responsibility of the Federal Government.  You may check the status of your passport through them online through the Department of the State.
[-] How do I get a passport for my children?

Children 15 years or younger will be required to have both parents present for processing as provided by Public Law 106-113, Section 236. If only one parent can appear, that parent must present evidence for sole legal custody or have the absent parent complete form DS-3053 , Statement of Consent, which must be notarized and submitted with that child's application. 

As with adult passports, you will need to provide two identical passport photos and an original or certified birth certificate or other proof of citizenship, as well as a completed (unsigned) Passport Application. 

Passport applications forms may be downloaded from the U.S. Department of State web site. Forms are also available at the Bonney Lake Municipal court counter. 

For more information on passports please visit our Passport Page or visit the U.S. Department of State passport web site:
[-] How do I get an interpreter for my court hearing?

A foreign language or sign language interpreter will be provided for defendants who have a hearing scheduled with the Court. Please contact the Court at (253) 862-6606 to verify that we are aware that you need an interpreter and the date of your hearing. 

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[-] How do I get my name changed legally?
Name changing service is provided by the Pierce County District Court, located in Tacoma. This service is not available through the Bonney Lake Municipal Court. 

Contact the District Court at (253) 798-7487 or visit the District Court website
[-] How do I find my court date?

Your court date and time should be located on your ticket or hearing notice. 

You can also look up your court date online through the Washington Courts website: 

Visit the Bonney Lake Municipal Court homepage - for quick links to find your court date, learn next steps after getting a ticket, etc. 

If you need additional assistance call the Municipal Court at (253) 862-6606 during normal busines hours. Bonney Lake Municipal Court does not hold sessions on the weekends.

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[-] How do I get someone committed?
For information on involuntary commitment please contact Pierce County Superior Court at (253) 756-2951.
[-] How do I get a copy of a birth, death, marriage or divorce certificate?

To obtain a copy of a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate, you must first determine the State or area where the birth, death, marriage or divorce occurred, and contact the appropriate office that holds the record.

Contact information for agencies in all U.S. states & territories is available from the National Center for Health Statistics' Vital Records website:

The following is contact information for Washington State vital records:

Birth Certificate or Death Certificate: 
   Washington State Department of Health

   Tacoma-Pierce County Department of Health

Marriage Certificate - Varies by County:

Pierce County Auditor:

Divorce Decree:
Obtained from the County Court where the divorce was granted. To search case records, see Washington State Courts at

Pierce County Superior Court: 

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