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City of Bonney Lake
Park District Proposal


Recent Updates:
» April 23, 2013 Special Election - Pierce County Website
» MPD Pro/Con Committee Volunteers Appointed Feb. 12th
» Property Tax Allocator (online calculator)
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In 2004, the City Council proposed a park bond levy for parks and trails. At that time, the City Administration was not very supportive of the measure. Despite the efforts of a small enthusiastic bond campaign committee, the proposition narrowly failed at the ballot box. In 2005, the Sumner School District, the City of Bonney Lake, and the City of Sumner explored creation of a Metropolitan Park District encompassing the boundaries of the Sumner School District. After the proposal was returned to the various city councils for discussion, the proposal failed to get off the ground.

In 2008, the City undertook a survey to assess interest and support for a YCMA. The survey was very positive. In 2011, the City updated its Parks Plan, and the Council began discussing the possibility of creating a city-wide park district as a funding mechanism to increase the City’s park and recreation facilities. Given the Great Recession and the current status of City funding, there are no existing funding sources to undertake major park related projects. Consensus of Park Summit attendees and an outside online survey ( both indicated that a Park District is the financing method most favored by the public.

On May 7, 2012 and September 27, 2012, the City held "Park Summits" to explore the interest in creating a park district and begin implementing the capital plan outlined in the adopted Parks Plan. Nearly 100 people attended these meetings. While there was a diversity of opinions about what should be done first, and there was great deal of interest in developing more parks, trails, a sports complex, and a community recreation center.


community center


The City has compiled a number of resources to help citizens learn more about the Park District proposal:

Other Resources:


For upcoming, current and past City Council discussions and actions view the Council Meetings page.

» On February 12, 2013 the City Council approved a motion appointing members to the 'Pro' and 'Con' Committees for the April 23rd Special Election. The committees will write positions supporting or opposing the formation of the parks district for the voter's pamphlet which will be distributed by the County prior to the election.

  • 'Pro' Committee: Scott Anderson, Laurie Carter And Fred Jacobsen.
  • 'Con' Committee: James “Kelly” McClimans, John Millan And Shawnta Mulligan
» On January 22, 2013 the City Council approved Resolution No. 2266, Providing For The Submission Of A Proposition To The Qualified Voters Of The City Of Bonney Lake At A Special Election To Be Held On April 23, 2013, For Their Approval Or Rejection Of The Creation Of A Metropolitan Park District Pursuant To Chapter 35.61 RCW.

» Press Release: Bonney Lake Seeks Citizen Volunteers to Serve on ‘Pro’ and ‘Con’ Committees for Upcoming Park District Ballot Measure (12/19/2012)

» On December 11, 2012, the Bonney Lake City Council passed Resolution No. 2258 calling for a special election to be held April 23, 2013 regarding the proposition to create a Metropolitan Park District (MPD) coterminous with the City limits, and governed by the City Council as the ex officio Park District Board


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