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Public Works Division




The Public Works Division is responsible for constructing, operating, maintaining, repairing, and replacing municipal infrastructure for roadways and utilities. This includes:

  • Street Infrastructure: pavement, sidewalks, trails, signage, street lighting, traffic signals.
  • Water Infrastructure: water supply acquisition, water quality treatment and distribution system.
  • Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure: Wastewater collection, transfer and treatment are accomplished with in-house staff. Additionally, the City partners with the City of Sumner and a joint Waste Water Treatment Facility.
  • Stormwater Infrastructure: Stormwater collection and treatment, erosion control, and flood prevention.
  • Parks/Forestry Infrastructure: City Parks and Urban Forests are maintained both in parks, along the public street right-of-way, and other City owned properties.
  • City Vehicles: City vehicles including administrative vehicles, generators, construction equipment, and police cruisers are all maintained and replaced as needed.

To accomplish this, comprehensive plans have been prepared and six year financial planning models are developed for each of the eight funds and Capital Improvement Project program managed by the Public Services Department.



Superintendent of Public Works
Assistant Public Works Superintendents
Public Works Crew Leads 
Public Works Operations Administrative Support Staff



Public Works Center 
19306 Bonney Lake Blvd
Bonney Lake, WA  98391

 Mailing Address

City of Bonney Lake
Attn: Public Works

P.O. Box 7380
Bonney Lake, WA 98391



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