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Trees are a valuable resource for the community that enhance the quality of life of our citizens, benefit the environment and provide habitat for a variety of fauna. The Bonney Lake Comprehensive Plan encourages the planting and preservation of trees. The City desires to support tree planting and replacement on City-owned properties and rights-of-way, recognizing the benefits of trees and the promotion of the care and replacement of trees in the community. 

For more information on related community events such as Parks Appreciation/Arbor Day, Beautify Bonney Lake, and the annual Spring Clean Up, please view our Special Events page.


Community Forestry Program

The City’s community forestry program was established by an ordinance of the City Council, and is codified as Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 12.24.

The ordinance established a community forestry plan to manage the municipally owned trees in the City. It does not regulate trees on private property. The key elements of the ordinance include:

  • Designating the Public Works Department as the “Tree Department”. The Parks Section of the Public Works department is considered the Tree Department for the City;
  • Calling for the development and implementation of a community forestry program manual (urban forestry plan);
  • Designating the Park Commission as an advisory tree board to review the community forestry plan, and serve as the hearing body on “heritage trees”;
  • Establishing a voluntary program to designate “heritage trees”;
  • Prohibiting defacing or injuring public trees (in City parks or right of ways).

The City's first "Heritage Tree," a holly tree in Allan Yorke Park, was designated on October 28, 2008 by City Council Resolution 1895.


Tree City USA

Tree City USA

The City of Bonney Lake was first awarded with "Tree City USA" status in 2005. Tree City USA is sponsored by The National Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters. 

For more information on Tree City USA, please visit the Arbor Day website


City Resources & Downloads

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Other Resources & Links

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National Tree Benefit Calculator
 ¤  Benefits of Trees (PDF, 1.6 M)
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