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Arts Commission

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Audio

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Agendas, Minutes, and Audio

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About the Commission

The Arts Commission was established in 2014 to advise the Mayor and City Council on matters of the arts and community culture of Bonney Lake; to provide community leadership and assistance in advocating for, developing and promoting the arts in Bonney Lake; and to improve the quality of life and enhance the aesthetic environment of Bonney Lake through art.

For more information about the purpose and responsibilities of the Arts Advisory Commission view Resolution 2356 and Resolution 2403.


Meeting Schedule 

The Arts Commission regularly meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Justice & Municipal Center.



The Arts Advisory Commission is comprised volunteer members appointed by the Mayor. Except for the youth representative, commissioners will serve on 3-year terms. The youth representative is appointed to a one-year term.

  • Commissioner 1 - Alison Hudson
  • Commissioner 2 - JoAnn Taylor
  • Commissioner 3 - Suzy Fountaine
  • Commissioner 4 - Valerie Foucart
  • Commissioner 5 - Melissa Deckman
  • Commissioner 6 - Beverley Birmele
  • Commissioner 7 - Laurie Selle
  • Commissioner 8 - Claire DeFrancesco (Youth Representative)
  • Commissioner 9 - Carrie Maez (Chair)
  • Commissioner 10 - Glory Cancro (Vice-Chair)
  • Commissioner 11 - Lucy Schwartz

Last Updated February 2017


Public comments, concerns and/or correspondence are strongly encouraged and may be submitted to the staff liaison for the commission. You may submit your comments or concerns at any time by attending meetings or emailing the staff liaison. 

Staff Liaison - City Admininstrator


Meeting Location

Justice & Municipal Center
9002 Main Street East
Bonney Lake, WA 98391



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