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General Information

The mission of the engineering division is to plan, design, and construct the transportation and utility infrastructures of the City to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population and commercial businesses in a way that is safe, cost effective, timely, and consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and current Design Standards.
The City of Bonney Lake Engineering Division, in the Public Works Department, serves the needs of the citizens of Bonney Lake by providing professional engineering services to the community and City government. The division is dedicated to maintaining a business friendly and professional environment with a high level of responsiveness to elected officials, city staff, citizens, developers, and consultants. Emphasis is placed on protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of our neighborhoods, and improving the quality of life for residents and visitors.
The Engineering Division employs professional and technical staff members, including the City Engineer, Utilities Engineer, Assistant City Engineer, and Project Managers. The Community Development Department also employs a Development Review Engineer, who performs a variety administrative, technical, engineering, and supervisory, work in the review and inspection of land development proposals in the City. Engineering staff offices are located at the City's Annex building. Contact information may be found below.

Development Policies & Public Works Design Standards: 
Visit our Design Standards page to download individual Development Policies & Public Works Design Standards.

Current Projects PageCurrent Projects

Please view our interactive
Current Projects map to find detials on current and upcoming City projects, short plats, subdivisions, multi-family developments and commercial developments.

Development Projects
The City of Bonney Lake Engineering Staff also oversees the design, installation, and inspection of the utility and transportation infrastructures in all new residential and commercial development projects in the City. The utility and transportation infrastructures include water, sewer, stormwater, roadways, street lights, street signs, traffic signs, and sidewalks. Current residential and commercial developments may also be viewed at the Current Projects interactive map and pages.

For more information, view the current Legal Notices, contact the City at (253) 862-8602, or contact the appropriate staff members in the Public Works Department or Community Development Department.

Long Range / Multi-Year Project Planning

Use the links below to download information on the City's long range project planning, including Capital Improvement Projects, Transportation Improvement Plans, etc.

¤   Street Lighting Plan (9 K)

¤  WSDOT Traffic Signal Timing & Coordination Information (23 K)
¤  Lake Bonney Integrated Aquatic Management Plan (4.29 M) 

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP):
¤  Public Works Capital Improvement Projects - General Information (11 K) 
¤   2008 Capital Improvement Projects Schedule (1.7 M)

Transportation Improvement Plans (TIP):
¤   2011-2016 Six Year TIP (29 K) 
   2010-2015 Six Year TIP (31 K) 

¤   2009-2014 Six Year TIP ( K) 
   2008-2013 Six Year TIP (303 K) 
¤   2007-2012 Six Year TIP (19 K) 
¤   2006-2011 Six Year TIP (1.01 M)

Comprehensive Plan Elements

The full text of all current Comprehensive Plan elements are avialable to download from the Comprehensive Plan page, including:

   Transportation Element 
   Non-Motorized Transportation Plan 
   Eastown Subarea Plan
   Downtown Plan (included in the Community Character Element
     ¤   Sewer Comprehensive Plan 
     ¤   Water Comprehensive Plan

¤      City Maps 


For applications and other information on Right of Way or Road Approach Permits, Encroachment Permits, etc., please view the Civil Construction Permits page.


   City Engineer
   Utilities Engineer

   Assistant Engineer
   Project Managers
   Administrative Specialist II – Customer Service
   Development Review Engineer (Community Development)

Public Works Center
19306 Bonney Lake Blvd
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

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Mailing Address
Attn: Engineering 
City of Bonney Lake
P.O. Box 7380
Bonney Lake, WA 98391


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