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The Executive Department, in cooperation with the Community Development Department, coordinates the economic development activities of the city to strengthen the Bonney Lake economy, create a more business-friendly environment, and add commercial amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Demographic & Economic Information

DemographicsThe City has a variety of demographic and economic data that can assist a business in determining whether a market exists for that business in Bonney Lake. You can download the various reports below (PDF):  


If you’re thinking of opening a business in Bonney Lake, contact our City Administrator to be your guide to the City. Available City economic development services include:

   »  Building and site selection assistance 
   »  Business recruitment & retention strategies 
   »  Interdepartmental coordination and follow-up on questions or concerns 
   »  Public relations regarding business and economic development issues


Other resources available online include:

Economic Activity Around the City

City Areas MapMost of the economic activity in Bonney Lake is located along the State Route 410 corridor. For discussion and planning purposes, the City has divided the commercial sector of the City into three (3) major activity areas: Downtown, Midtown, and Eastown. Downtown is occasionally referred to as Old Town, as it was the initial commercial center developed in the City.



Downtown is generally described as that area along SR 410 from from the western edge of the City at Meyers Road to Fennel Creek past Main St E (formally 184th Ave E). Downtown is the original commercial center of the City and serves as the western gateway to the present day City limits. A downtown redevelopment concept plan was prepared for the area in 2001, entitled the “Strategic Commercial District Plan”. It was updated in 2007. The Downtown area serves as a civic center of the city, with the existing park and ride lot, post office, Justice & Municipal Center, Public Safety Building, and library as anchors. It is envisioned that a new city hall and/or community center will also be built in Downtown to further solidify it as the civic center of the City. The principal business anchor on the north side of SR410 in the Downtown area is the Grocery Outlet. The south side is anchored by the Rainier Office Building and the Franciscan Medical Center.



Midtown is generally described as that area along SR 410 from Fennel Creek (192nd Ave E) to 214th Ave E. Midtown is developed on both the north and south sides of SR 410, and includes several retail stores including Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Target, Safeway, Fred Meyer and Regal Cinemas. Midtown also includes the 149-acre area known as the former WSU Forest. The City was granted 47.4 acres of the former forest land: 40 acres for passive or active park uses as decided by the City, including a community recreation center, 5.4 acres of perimeter buffer/trail, and 2.0 acres for a triangle park at 214th Avenue E. and South Prairie Road E.  For information on the City's portion of the forest and other projects, view the Current Projects page.


Eastown is generally described as that area along SR 410 from 214th Ave E to 234th Ave E. Eastown is generally developed at its western edge. The City’s most significant commercial development opportunity lies in the portion of Eastown running along SR 410 from East 214th to East 234th. However, sewer service has not been extended to much of this section of Eastown.

In 2005 the City of Bonney Lake incorporated an Eastown Subarea Plan with the City's Comprehensive Plan to determine how to best complete the Eastown infrastructure, including sewer and road circulation. The plan calls for a frontage road system to be developed to achieve the highest and best use of the property.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City of Bonney Lake have a Business & Occupation Tax?

No, there is no B&O Tax in Bonney Lake.

What is the Sales Tax Rate in the City of Bonney Lake?

(as of 4/1/2017)

For information on Sales and Use Taxes and rates, please see the Department of Revenue's website: 

» Effective April 1, 2017, the Sales & Use Tax Rate for the City of Bonney Lake was adjusted to 9.3% due to an increased Regional Tax Authority (RTA) tax for King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

» Effective October 1, 2012, the Sales & Use Tax Rate for the City of Bonney Lake was 8.8%.  


Where can I find a list of commercial space available for lease or purchase?

Retail and commercial vacancies in the City can be monitored at the following non-City websites:
¤  Chamber Collective / Chamber of Commerce
¤  Loopnet Commercial Lease Search Engine
¤  Commercial Brokers Association Search Engine

For questions regarding potential permits and fees for new tenants, please contact the Permit Center. For questions regarding available space in City-owned facilities, please contact the City Administrator

Where can I find demographic information about Bonney Lake?

For current Census data, visit 

The Washington State Office of Financial Management provides the following annual estimated populations for Bonney Lake:


2017: 20,500 estimated population

2016: 20,000 estimated population
2015: 19,490 estimated population
2014: 18,520 estimated population

2010: 17,374 Official Decennial US Census Count

According to the 2010 Census, the population of Bonney Lake for 2010 was 17,374, a 79.4% increase over 2000, when the City's population was 9,687. 

View the Community & Economic Profile (PDF) for demographic and economic information, neighborhoods and services, and employment data for the City. This profile is part of the City's Biennial Budget document, which is available to view online at the Finance Department page

The Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM) provides official population estimates that are used for state revenue allocation. Visit and view the April 1st Population list for updated estimates.

The following shows the population for each Census year (every 10 years) for the City of Bonney Lake since the City was incorporated in 1949:

2010:  17,374
2000:    9,687 
1990:    7,494
1980:    5,328
1970:    2,700
1960:       645
1950:       275


What's happening in economic development at the regional level?

For information on regional economic development priorities in the Puget Sound region, please visit the Prosperity Partnership website:


South Sound Women’s Business Center

The mission of Community Capital Development’s Women’s Business Center’s is "to provide technical training and counseling to women and minority business owners to enable them to acquire the skills they need to make their business grow and thrive financially."

The Women’s Business Center has locations all across Washington. They can provide technical and educational assistance for qualified applicants. Aid can also be provided through education and training programs; these programs can provide business owners with the knowledge necessary to maintain a successful and financially stable business. 

Technical Assistance is also offered through the Women’s Business Center. Counselors aid in such things as analyzing new business and marketing plans, financial management, and loan application preparation. Through their one on one training techniques and financial assistance, the Women’s Business Center believes they can help boost Washington State’s economic climate. 

For more information, visit the South Sound Women's Business Center at


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