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General Information

The City recognizes its obligation to protect and improve the City’s valuable assets and natural resources while managing growth and mitigating potential impacts on surface water resources. In recognition of this obligation, the City applied for and received a grant from the Department of Ecology under the National Estuary Program for the completion of the Bonney Lake Coordinate Watershed and Centers Plans.  This project will develop a strategy for preserving, protecting, and mitigating impacts to Fennel Creek watershed, while meeting the City’s goal to focus development in the City’s four centers (Downtown, Midtown, Eastown, and Lake Tapps) consistent with Vision 2040’s Regional Growth Strategy.   

The project will result in the preparation of the Bonney Lake Watershed Plan design to protect the water resources and reduce the current and on-going impacts based on land use planning, future development, infill development, and redevelopment.  Additionally, the project will result in the preparation of the Bonney Lake Centers Plan, which will update the existing plans for the Downtown, Midtown, and Eastown Centers and prepare a plan for the Lake Tapps Center. 

What is a Centers Plan?

Growth and development in Bonney Lake is shaped by City plans, including the comprehensive plan and subarea, or centers plans.   The Comprehensive Plan provides the vision, goals, policies, implementation strategies, performance measures, and maps that guide the City’s physical development including regulations and the provision of urban services. The last major update of the Comprehensive Plan was completed in June 2015.   Center plans, commonly called subarea plans, look at smaller areas of the City and provide development goals and policies specific to the conditions, challenges, an opportunities in that area.  The Bonney lake Centers Plan will study four centers:  Lake Tapps, Downtown, Midtown, Eastown

Why is the Centers Plan Important to Me?

Bonney Lake will use the Centers Plan to develop regulations, programs, and services specific to each center, all of which can affect your day-to-day life.   Some of the topics the Centers Plan will cover:

  • Land Use, Zoning, and Development capacity: The location of services and new housing, health, parks and open space, and more.
  • Jobs and Economic Development: where jobs are located, starting a business, workforce training, education opportunities, etc.
  • Housing: affordability, proximity to work and services; choices for housing types that meet different family needs.
  • Natural Environment: clean air and water, efficient energy use, preservation of open space, trees, abundant wildlife, health, etc.
  • Transportation: your commute to work, availability of transit, safety of kids traveling to school, mobility options for seniors, traffic congestion, walkability, etc.
  • Built Environment and Urban Design: What your neighborhood is like, attractiveness of the community, public spaces, placemaking, etc.

Who Decides What the Center Plan Says?

The City and the public work together to create the Centers Plan. 

  • The public provides feedback on their vision for the Centers and comments on what they like or what they would change in each center. 
  • City planners use this input to draft a plan that is informed by public opinion. 
  • The City then issues a draft plan and a public comment period.
  • The City reviews comments, makes revisions, and issues a final plan.

What is a Watershed Protection Plan?

The Watershed Protection Plan differs from the traditional stormwater comprehensive planning in that traditional stormwater comprehensive plan looks at existing and proposed development as “given impacts” that are unchangeable and these impacts can only be regionally reduced or mitigated during new development or redevelopment.  The WPP tackles these issues in an integrated and iterative fashion, factors related to watershed protection and land use will be proactively addressed providing preferred technical and economic solutions across these multiple variables.  The WPP includes the background for goals and objectives, fact‐finding and existing conditions summary, basin modeling and analysis, proposed land use guidance, recommended stormwater controls, and capital projects to solve existing stormwater problems. The City plans to use the WPP as the basis for an adopted stormwater basin plan under Ecology guidelines for use in the Ecology Stormwater Manual.

How Do I Get Involved?

  • Open House: The City held a kick-off open house on March 31, 2016.  Materials form of the open house are provided below.

Open House Boards (10M, PDF)Cut

Open House Powerpoint Presentation (536K, PDF)

Open House Meeting Summary (204K, PDF)

  • Attend a Centers Workshop: Participate in upcoming center plan workshops. All workshops are 6-8pm at the Municipal and Justice Center.

            Lake Tapps Center Workshop - May 11, 2016

Lake Tapps Workshop Boards (3.4M, PDF)

Powerpoint Presentation (1.6M, PDF)

Meeting Summary (752K, PDF)

            Eastown Center Workshop - May 25, 2016

Eastown Workshop Boards (2.3M, PDF)

Powerpoint Presentation (1.1M, PDF)

Meeting Summary  (513K, PDF)

            Downtown Center Workshop - June 16, 2016

Downtown Workshop Asset Map (7.9M, PDF)

Powerpoint Presentation (6M, PDF)

Meeting Summary (785K, PDF)

            Midtown Center Workshop - June 29, 2016

Midtown Workshop Asset Map (5.6M, PDF)

Powerpoint Presentation (1.3M, PDF)

Meeting Summary (455K, PDF)

  • Review Documents:  The documents prepared as part of this project are provided below:

Community Engagement Plan (204K, PDF)

Project Mission and Vision Statement (89K, PDF)

Existing Conditions Report  (1.9M, PDF)

Planning Commission Briefing Memo - Land Use Scenarios (6.6M, PDF)

Planning Commission Presentation - Land Use Scenarios (3.3M, PDF)

City Council Briefing Memo - Land Use Scenarios (6.2M, PDF)

City Council Presentation - Land Use Scenarios (5M, PDF)

Bonney Lake Centers - Land Use Alternatives Report (4.7M, PDF)

DRAFT 1 - Centers Plan (September 2017) (4.6M, PDF)

ADOPTED - Centers Plan (December 2017) (5.9M, PDF)

ADOPTED - Eastown Subarea Plan (December 2017) (763K, PDF)

DRAFT 1 - Watershed Protection Plan (November 2017) (15.4M, PDF)

DRAFT 1 - Wateshed Protection Plan Appendices (November 2017) (17.9M, PDF)

FINAl DRAFT - Wateshed Protection Plan (March 2018) (9.2M, PDF)

FINAL DRAFT - Wateshed Protection Plan Appendices (March 2018) (118M, PDF)

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