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Photo by Jay Ditty - www.jayditty.comGeneral Information

The Growth Management Act (GMA), RCW 36.70A, establishes the primacy of the Comprehensive Plan. Zoning, subdivision, and other development regulations must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. 

The Bonney Lake Comprehensive Plan guides decisions about land use, development, City facilities, utilities, annexations and quality of life. 

For more information on Growth Management visit our Growth Management Page or contact staff in the Planning Division.


The Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is amended annually and is thoroughly updated every seven years. This thorough update is referred to as the periodic update.  The City's next periodic update is due June 30, 2015 and is currently underway.  For more information on the periodic update of the Comperhensive Plan please visit the Bonney Lake 2035 webpage.  Information on the periodic update is also available on the Washington State Department of Commerce's Periodic Update webpage.

Regular updates to the Comprehensive Plan are important because of Bonney Lake's rapid growth. Portions of the plan were last updated in December 2012. 

The City considers citizen-initiated Comprehensive Plan amendments on odd-numbered years. The most recent application deadline for citizen-initiated amendments was April 30, 2013. 

Below are links to the most current version of the Comprehensive Plan in PDF format. A copy of the current Comprehensive Plan may be viewed or purchased at the Permit Center (paper copy or compact disc). 

Comprehensive Plan Elements
The Comprehensive Plan includes the following elements (use the links below for more information and downloads):

Introduction Introduction & Definitions
Chapter 1 Community Character Element 
- Downtown Plan
Chapter 2 Natural Environment Element
Chapter 3 Land Use Element 
Chapter 4 Housing Element 
Chapter 5 Transportation Element 
- Non-Motorized Transportation Plan
Chapter 6 Parks Element 
- Fennel Creek Trail Plan
Chapter 7 Utilities Element
- Comprehensive Sewer System Plan 
- Comprehensive Water System Plan
- Stormwater Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 8 Capital Facilities Element
- School District Capital Facilities Plan
Chapter 9 Economic Development Element 
Chapter 10 Eastown Subarea Plan Element
Chapter 11 Midtown Element
Chapter 12 Cultural Resources Plan Element



     (Last updated December 2011)

The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that cities adopt comprehensive plans for how they will grow. This Comprehensive Plan provides the vision, goals, policies, and maps that will guide the City’s physical development for the next 20 years. The Plan will govern how the City regulates land use and provides urban services. Other agencies will use the Plan to coordinate with Bonney Lake on regional issues. Developers and businesses will use it to make investment decisions and to design their projects.

The foregoing Table of Adoptions gives some idea of Bonney Lake’s long-range planning activity since 1995. Many important new planning elements have been adopted recently, and the Plan is revised at least annually. In other words, this is a living document.

Citizens wanting to affect the future of their physical community have little choice but to get involved in this long-range planning process. The City has many opportunities for citizens to do so. If one waits until a particular development activity occurs, or fails to occur, it is generally too late to change the outcome. Comprehensive plans take a long time to set in place and a long time to implement. Amending the Plan consumes time on the part of all participants in the process, but the long-term outcome can be very rewarding.

This Plan establishes goals and policies, defined as follows:
Goals are the community’s hopes and aspirations. Goals are written as if preceded by the words, “It shall be the goal of the City of Bonney Lake to. . .” Goals are in bold italics.

Policies are commitments to act in a certain way to achieve the goals. Policies are written as if preceded by the words, “It shall be the policy of the City of Bonney Lake to. . .” Policies are in italics.


Chapter 1 - Community Character Element

The Community Character Element includes the Overall Vision, information on th SR 410 Corridor, and the contents of the Downtown Plan. This element was last updated by Ordinance 1247 on August 14, 2007.

Click here for more information on the Downtown Plan.


Chapter 2 - Natural Environment Element

The Natural Environment Element includes information on geologic hazards, water resources, fish and wildlife habitat, the Fennel Creek Corridor, air quality, noise and glare, and natural resource lands.

Chapter 3 - Land Use Element

Future Land Use Map
Future Land Use Map

The Land Use Element includes information on history, existing land use, land capacity (residential densities), population, employment, urban growth areas, annexation, future land use, land use transitions, property rights, economic development, historic resources and essential public facilities. This element was last updated in December 2011 by Ordinance 1411.

The Future Land Use Map is available to download separately from the Maps page.

Chapter 4 - Housing Element

The Housing Element includes information on goals and policies, GMA requirements, existing housing, housing needs, affordable housing and senior housing.

Chapter 5 - Transportation Element

The Transportation Element includes an existing transportation system inventory, travel forecasts and alternatives evaluation, transportation systems plan, finance and implementation program, and information on travel patterns, cost estimates and projected travel patterns and revenues. 

The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan was adopted by reference to the Transportation Element by Ordinance 1253 on August 28, 2007. Download the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan in PDF format in four parts:

Chapter 6 - Parks Element

The Parks Element includes information on existing parks, indicators of need, alternative level of service standards, costs, coordination with other agencies on regional facilities, potential funding sources, proposed funding, and operations, maintenance and recreation programming. The Parks Element was last amended by Ordinance 1412 on December 13, 2011.

The Fennel Creek Trail Plan was added to the Parks Element per Ordinance 1246 on August 14, 2007. For more information, download the plan (see link, above) or view the City's Trails page.

Chapter 7 - Utilities Element

The Utilities Element includes information on non-municipal utilities (electric power, natural gas, telecommunications and solid waste). It also incorporates the Comprehensive Water System Plan, Comprehensive Sewer System Plan, and Stormwater Comprehensive Plan by reference. Use the links below to download the various items included in this element. 

For high quality color copies of portions of this element, please contact the Community Development Department Administrative Specialist.

Utilities Element


Comprehensive Sewer System Plan 

Last Update 2009 (Ordinance 1341)

The plan is available to download in sections: 


Sewer Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Water System Plan  

Last Update 2009 (Ordinance 1341)

The plan is is available to download in sections: 

Stormwater Comprehensive Plan

Last Update 2000 (Ordinance 906)


Chapter 8 - Capital Facilities Element

The Capital Facilities Element includes information on fire protection, library and schools. The element was last updated by Ordinance 1368 in December 2010 (replacing the "Other Capital Facilities" element with a "Capital Facilities" element). The element was also amended by adoption of the School District Capital Facility Plans by Ordinance 1255 in September 2007.

Chapter 9 - Economic Development Element

The Economic Development Element incorporates the Economic Development Plan adopted on December 13, 2005 by Ordinance 1177

View general Economic Development information.


Chapter 10 - Eastown Subarea Plan Element

The Eastown Subarea Plan Element includes goals and policies, development standards, and circulation, water and sewer systems in Eastown. The Eastown Plan was originally adopted in 2005 per Ordinance 1177, and was last updated in 2011 by Ordinance 1406. 

View the Eastown Plan page to learn more about development and projects in Eastown.


Chapter 11 - Midtown Element

The Midtown Plan serves as a guide for future development of the Midtown area, addresses needed improvements to access and circulation, and provides a clear vision for establishment of Midtown as a unique and attractive area. The western boundary of Midtown is Fennel Creek and eastern boundary is 214th Avenue. This plan was first adopted in December 2011 by Ordinance 1409.


Chapter 12 - Cultural Resources Plan Element

The cultural and historic element of the Comprehensive Plan is optional under the Growth Management Act (GMA), but the City is choosing to incorporate this element into the Plan because it is a vital part of the community's interests. The plan addresses arts and culture as well as heritage and preservation planning for the City of Bonney Lake. This plan was first adopted in December 2011 by Ordinance 1413.



Copies of the Comprehensive Plan are available to view at the Justice & Municipal Center. Contact the City at (253) 862-8602 to request copies of the full plan or specific elements.

Photo by Jay Ditty -
Photo of Lake Tapps and Mount Rainier by Jay Ditty - Published in Bonney Lake Courier-Herald, June 8, 2005.


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