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Applying for a Permit
Online Permit Services
Planning Permit Forms

The Permit Center is closed to the public on Fridays.

Permit Center Office hours are
8:30am - 5:00pm
Monday - Thursday

Use Online Permit Services to check permit status, schedule inspections, and more.

General Information

Planning permits are generally required for altering land and land uses. These permits are regulated by State RCWs and Bonney Lake Municipal Code Titles 8, 12, and 14-18.

All permits must be initiated by email to the Permit Center - contact the Permit Technician

A concise description of the purposes of the permits may be found below. If you are unsure or new to building in Bonney Lake please contact our Assistant Planner to ensure you are using the proper applications.

Submitting and Paying for Permits

PaymentsThe Permit Center accepts payments by cash, check, money order, and debit/credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).

Payments for permits may be made at the Annex or through the Permits & Inspections Online Services system. Current Planning Fees are listed in detail in Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 3.68.

You can also use the Online Services to check the status of pending and completed permits (see more information below).

Online Services

Check the status of a permit, search for open & closed permits, apply and pay for permits online!

The City's Online Services for Permits & Inspections allow permit customers to search for and view detailed permit information online, pay fees, schedule inspections, estimate fees, and apply for certain types of permits online. Use the 'Permits Inquiry' feature to:

  • Check the status a permit;
  • Search for open/closed permits by permit number, address, applicant, or project name;
  • View details about open/closed permits.

Permit Types & Forms

» View all application forms

Accessory Dwelling Unit Application

This application is to allow a small second resident on a lot that already has an existing dwelling, persuant to BLMC 18.22.090.

Appeal Application 

This application is required to file for an appeal to Type 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 permits pursuant to BLMC 14.120.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application 

Comprehensive Plan Amendments are implemented every two years. To apply for one this application is required. Examples are expansion of the UGA and rezones.

Conditional Use Permit

A conditional use permit is required for certain uses in certain zones because of those uses’ unusual size, infrequent occurrence, special requirements, possible safety hazards or detrimental effects on surrounding properties, or similar reasons.

Critical Areas Reports


See also Critical Areas Variance.
These checklists identify the items which must be included in a critical area report.

Critical Area Exemption The process through which an applicant may gain written aproval to commence work outlined in BLMC16.20.070.B, which while exempt from the Critical Areas Ordinance still requires written approval from the City.

Critical Areas Variance

The process through which an applicant may gain flexibility in the application of specific regulations of the critical areas code to a specific proposal. A critical areas variance is a type 5 permit. Development may be allowed which is consistent with the purpose of BLMC Chapter 16.

Design Review 

This application accompanies commercial and multifamily applications and is to ensure compliance with the Community Character Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan (BLMC 14.95)

Home Occupation Application 

See the Business Licensing page for more information (aka home businesses).

Land Clearing / Tree Removal 

A clearing permit is required for the clearing of more than four tenths of an acre of land, whatever the groundcover, or for removal, topping, or killing of any tree other than those which are exempt as outlined in BLMC 16.13.20.

Land Use Application

This is the basic starting point form required for all major land use changes. A short description of the property, the planned project and the people involved.

Planning Permit Extension Application

Permit applications not exempt shall expire one year after any application dormancy or hold status initiated by the applicant. The permit may be extended for one year upon request by the applicant prior to said permit's expiration.

Pre-Application Conference Form

Pre-application conferences are available each Thursday with the 1st appointment held at 2:00 p.m. and the 2nd at 3:00 p.m. Due to the popularity of these meetings, appointments are granted on a first come/first serve basis as submittal packages are received. Appointment times will not be held for an applicant that has not submitted a pre-application package in advance.

Property Owner Granting Authorization to Act 

This form is required to allow another person to act on your behalf with regards to applying for and obtaining permits for your property.

Zoning Reclassification 

This application is required to request a change in the zoning of your property. A rezone may also require a comprehensive plan amendment. The application must show how your planned rezone meets the intent of the zoning code and comprehensive plan of the City among other things. See our Zoning Page for more information on City Zoning Designations.

SEPA Environmental Checklist 

The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), RCW 43.21C, requires all governmental agencies to consider the environmental impacts of a proposal before making decisions. An environmental impact statement (EIS) must be prepared for all proposals with probable significant adverse impacts on the quality of the environment. The purpose of this checklist is to provide information to help you and the agency identify impacts from your proposal (and to reduce or avoid impacts from the proposal, if it can be done) and to help the agency decide whether an EIS is required.

SEPA Review  

This form must be submitted with any application requiring environmental review.

Shoreline Permits

Shoreline Development is subject to Shoreline Management Regulations as provided in Title 16 Division III BLMC (Shoreline Code)

» Link to Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA)

Sign Permit 

A Sign Permit is required for installation of a sign. There are a few exceptions and a variety of regulations on allowable signs. Please see BLMC 15.28 for details.
See also: Sign Variance, Temporary Sign Permit (below).

Comprehensive Sign Permit

The process through which an applicant may gain flexibility in the application of specific regulations of the City of Bonney Lake Sign Code (BLMC 15.28). A Comprehensive Sign Permit shall not be granted which would increase the number of signs allowed by BLMC 15.28, allow a larger sign face, allow a taller sign, or allow a type of sign which is prohibited by BLMC 15.28.

Site Plan Review Application

Use this application and checklist when preparing to submit a Site Plan to the Planning Department for review.

Street Vacation 

This form begins the process for requesting that a portion of undeveloped, city-owned right-of-way be deeded to one or more adjacent property owners and become private property.



This application is required to file for a boundary line adjustment or lot combination, which is regulated by BLMC 17.56.

A Preliminary Plat application is required for proposed subdivisions of ten (10) or more lots, tracts, site, or divisions. Preliminary Plat Procedure is outlined in BLMC 17.12.

Final Plats must be filed within five years of preliminary plat approval. The application requirements are listed on this form and described in BLMC 17.16.

A plat alteration is the process through which an applicant may request to amend or alter an approved subdivision or short plat.

A short plat permit is required in order to subdivide land into nine (9) or fewer lots, tracts, parcels, sites, or divisions. Short Plats are regulated by BLMC 17.36, BLMC 17.40, BLMC 17.44, BLMC 17.48 and BLMC 17.52.

Final Short Plats must be filed within five years of preliminary plat approval. The application requirements are listed on this form and described in BLMC 17.16.

Temporary Permit 

A Temporary Permit may be issued for uses such as contractor’s trailers, sales trailers, Christmas Tree stands and other temporary sales which are typically not to be on the site for more than a year.

Variance Application 

A variance is sometimes needed because of special circumstances relating to size, shape, topography, location, or surroundings of the subject property. Variances are regulated by BLMC 14.110.



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