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Business Licenses 

The City of Bonney Lake requires a business license for all businesses within City limits. Per Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 5.08, "No person shall engage in any business activity in the city without first having obtained a valid license to do so."

The City has partnered with the Washington State Business Licensing Service (BLS) for business licensing services. To gain a Bonney Lake business license, you must first file an application or renewal with the BLS.

Washington State business license applications and renewals may be filed online or by mail with the Business Licensing Service. For more information, please view the Business Licensing Service website or contact them directly:
     Phone:    (800) 451-7985 

Specialty Licenses may be required for certain types of businesses (such as employment agencies and tobacco, vehicle, and liquor sales, etc.). View the
Washington State’s Specialty Licenses page to determine if you require any other licenses for your business and to view required fees.

Contact us to check on the status of your Bonney Lake Business License or with general quesitons.

Home Occupation License 

To request a business license for a Home Occupation in Bonney Lake, download and submit the 'Home Occupation Application' (see the Forms page) to the Permit Center at the Justice & Municipal Center, Suite 300.

For more information, please see Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 18.22.010 - Home Occupations or contact the Permit Center with questions.

Nightclub License 

To request a license for a Nightclub, submit the 'Application for Nightclub License form' (see the Forms page) to the City Administrator. For more information, see Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 5.17 - Nightclubs or contact the City at (253) 862-8602 with questions.

Peddler's License

To request a peddler's license in the City of Bonney Lake, please submit the Peddler's License to the Bonney Lake Police Department (form also available on the Forms page). For more information, please see Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 9.66 - Peddlers.

Business License Fees
  • Washington Business License Service Filing Fee: $15.00 per year
  • Bonney Lake General Business License Fee: $60.00 per year
  • Specialty License Fees: Vary (see the Washington State Specialty Licenses page)
  • Bonney Lake business taxes, fees and exemptions are detailed in BLMC 5.08. Please also review the municipal code related to:


General Information

Useful tips on starting a business and the state licensing process are available at the State Business Licensing Service page. The State also offers a customized Business Licensing Guide Sheet to help you determine all the licenses you will need for your particular business.


Permit Coordinator 
Business Licenses, Home Occupations, Commercial Building Permits

Community Development Department (253) 447-4356

Justice & Municipal Center
9002 Main Street East
Bonney Lake, WA 98391
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City of Bonney Lake
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