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Applying for a Permit
Online Permit Services
Building Permit Reports
Permit Forms


Apply, Pay, and Search for Permits Online

You can now apply for 15 types of permits using Online Services.

Permit Center Appointments

The Permit Center accepts in-person applications by appointment from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call to schedule a submittal appointment:

General Information

» Permitting and Setbacks Residential Informational Handout

A Building Permit is required to erect, construct, alter, repair, move, improve, convert, or demolish any building or structure. A permit is not required for any accessory structure under 120 square feet per the International Building Code IRC R105.2 #1. All setback requirements shall apply, whether a permit is required or not.  

Below is a list of permit applications and brief descriptions of their purposes. If you are unsure or new to building in Bonney Lake, please contact staff in the Permit Center for assistance.

Also, be sure to read our Permitting and Setbacks Residential Informational Handout for general information on when permits are required, fees, minimum setbacks, etc.


reportsBuilding Permit Reports

Monthly Permit Reports Detailed Permit Reports





Building reports are provided on a monthly basis.

Submitting and Paying for Permits

PaymentsThe Permit Center accepts payments by cash, check, money order, and debit/credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).

Some permits may be applied for online using the Online Services system, including for signs, furnace/water heater change out, peddler's license, county meters, etc.

Most other permits must be applied for in person at the Permit Center at the Justice & Municipal Center, Suite 300. In-person applications are accepted by appointment from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call to schedule a submittal appointment

Commercial Permits - Permit Coordinator
Residential Permits - Permit Technician


Payments for permits may be made at the Permit Center, or online through the Permits & Inspections Online Services system.

You can also use the Online Services to check the status of pending and completed permits (see more information below).

Online Services

Check the status of a permit, search for permits, apply & pay online!

The City's Online Services for Permits & Inspections allow permit customers to view detailed permit information online, pay fees, schedule inspections, estimate fees, and apply for certain types of permits. Use the 'Permits Inquiry' feature to:

  • Check the status a permit;
  • Search for open/closed permits by permit number, address, applicant, or project name;
  • View details about open/closed permits.



ICC CertifiedInternational Code Council Certification

Our building permits & inspections staff are 100% certified by the International Code Council (ICC). The International Code Council is committed to protecting public health, safety, and welfare by developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process. Becoming ICC certified means professionals have demonstrated their code knowledge and skills, as well as their ability to apply those skills on the job (



Permit Forms 


Apply and Pay Online
Now you can apply for 15 types of permits through the 
Online Services System

» View a list of all Building Permit Forms 
Update to building codes effective July 12, 2013, per Ordinance 1462.


Base Plan* – Renewal

Base Plans are reviewed once and kept on file at the Building Department. These types of plans are necessary for builders who wish to build multiple single family residences which are exactly alike. These plans are approved and on file with the Building Department.
* Note: Revisions, options, changes, et cetera are not allowed on base plans. Changes can only be made to site-specific type permits.

Bond Form (blank)

This is a basic blank bond form for general use.


Commercial Building Permit Application

A Commercial Permit Application details the requirements for New Commercial/Multifamily construction, Repair/Remodeling of a Commercial Building, Temporary Occupancy or Tenant Improvements for a Commercial Building.

Construction, Demolition, and Remodel Service Information 

An informational sheet from D.M. Disposal on hauling services available in Bonney Lake for construction and remodel projects.

Deck Permit

A Deck Permit is required when building a deck onto a single family residence.

Fire Permits (Alarm, Sprinkler & Suppression)

Commercial Businesses are required to apply for a Fire Alarm Permit through the City for installation of fire alarm, sprinkler and suppression systems. 

» Residential Multipurpose Fire Sprinkler Systems - Details
» See Miscellaneous Permits - Security Alarm Permit for alarm monitoring and false alarm reduction program forms (ATB Services).

House Moving Permit

A House Moving Permit is required when moving a house into or out of the City limits.

Mechanical Permit

A Mechanical Permit is required when repairing or installing natural gas or appliances connected to natural gas. It is also required for venting, heating and air conditioning.

Miscellaneous Permit

The Miscellaneous Permit form is used for Bulkhead, Dock, Demolition, Retaining Wall, Underground Vault, Building over Counter, and/or Footing/Foundation Only Permits.

Mobile Home Permit

This Permit is required for installation of a mobile or manufactured home on your property.

Multi-Family Building Permit

This permit is necessary to build a multi-family building.

Plan Submitting Checklist

This checklist is a brief outline of the requirements for a single family dwelling submittal. This list is for reference purposes only and may not include all items needed to complete the plan check process.

Plumbing Permit

Plumbing Permits are required for installation of plumbing.

Residential & New Base Plan Permit

This permit must be submitted for the following permit types: New Base Plan, New Single Family, Addition, Repair/Remodel, Accessory Dwelling Unit and Accessory Building. 

Please review the Residential Building Permit Information handout for general information on residential permits, minimum setbacks, and when permits are required for fences, sheds, garages, etc.

Related forms include:


Revisions to Existing Residential or Commercial Applications (Resubmittal Form)

Submit the resubmittal form to modify existing residential or commercial building applications. Please note: Base Plans may not be revised or modified (see the Base Plan Renewal form).

Sewer Permit

A Sewer Permit is required when installing sewer on your property.

Single Family Dwelling Permit - Use the Residential & New Base Plan Permit

Please use the Residential & New Base Plan Permit.

Structural Design and Inspection Information

This Information was compiled to assist the designer; contractor and owner to better understand the code requirements related to the structural design and inspection of non-conventional construction. The designer should use this booklet during the submittal process to organize the inspection team and develop a schedule to assist the contractor/builder.

Water/Sewer Forms



(253) 447-4356 - Department Administrative Assistant
Permit Coordinator (Commercial Permits)
Permit Technician (Residential Permits)


9002 Main Street East
Bonney Lake, WA 98391
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