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Special Notices

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Legal Notices & Press Releases


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5/21/2014 Planning Commission
5/21/2014 Planning Commission
5/21/2014 Planning Commission
5/7/2014 Community Development
5/7/2014 Public Works
4/22/2014 Council
4/8/2014 City Clerk
5/13/2014 Council
4/8/2014 Council
4/1/2014 Public Works
4/2/2014 Planning Commission
3/28/2014 Council
4/10/2014 Community Development
  • Notice of Ordinances Adoption - Ordinance 1479
3/25/2014 City Clerk
3/25/2014 Council
3/20/2014 Planning Commission
4/2/2014 Community Development
  • Public Notice - Advertisement for Bids for the Church Lake Road Overlay
    The advertisement for this project has been delayed.
Delayed Public Works
3/26/2014 Community Development
2/25/2014 City Clerk
2/6/2014 Executive
3/12/2014 Community Development
3/12/2014 Public Works
2/11/2014 City Clerk
3/1/2014 Executive
1/24/2014 Executive
3/1/2014 Executive
11/22/2013 Executive
10/15/2013 Police
11/1/2013 City Council /
City Clerk
9/25/2013 Executive








City Council / Planning

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