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Title: New Public Works Center
Category: City/Public
Address: 21719 96th St E, Buckley, WA 98321, USA
Contact Person: Contract Administrator Marlyn Campbell
Contact Number: (253) 447-4348

Status and Details:

The City of Bonney Lake is developing a new Public Works Center facility located on city-owned property off 96th Street adjacent to the Peaking Storage Tank. Design and site grading for the site began in early 2018.


Project Updates

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12/19/2018: The PWC design team met on-site to discuss an alternative to the sight distance issue.

12/7/2018: The PWC off-site team submitted 30% plans and City staff sent the plan set to  Pierce County in advance of pre-design submission meeting. The PWC Phase 1 contractor is installing the fencing around site.

11/20/2018: The PWC off-site design team setup a meeting with Pierce County for pre-design concurrence.  The contractor is installing fencing around the PWC site.

11/16/2018: The design team met with City staff to discuss the project elements and wetland plantings have been completed at the PWC site.

11/1/2018: The design team for the PWC offsite improvements project has completed the survey element and the project is now under design.

10/05/2018: The guardrail has been installed and the landscaper is on-site hydro-seeding and planting.

9/13/2018: The Project site is ready for Phase 2, the contract is completed and the project is suspended until the landscaping window opens.

9/10/2018: Contractor has completed the storm pond, final crushed rock surfacing of the site, and this phase of the project ids nearing completion.

8/24/2018: Contractor is installing the pond liner and completing the storm pond.  The surface has the crushed rock surface over the site.

8/10/2018: Contractor continued construction of the storm pond, removed forming walls for the retaining wall, completed the future access to the site on west side and is beginning to spread crushed rock surface over the entire site.

8/01/2018: The Contractor continued construction of the storm pond, forming walls for the retaining wall, and moving material to the Compass Pointe property.

7/16/2018: The Contractor tapped the water main on 96th Street for the Water Dispensing station as well as the 12 inch water main that will eventually replace the existing water main on the parcel.

7/10/2018: The Contractor is working on water main replacement, future conduit runs, wall construction, and pond excavation.

7/03/2018: Contractor is installing storm line and working on the storm pond.

6/25/2018: Contractor working on the future storm pond, has most of the site at finish grade.

6/13/2018: Mass grading of the site is underway.

6/06/2018: Contractor has cleared the Public Works Center site and removed trees.

4/16/2018: Advertisement is underway for the Public Works Center Fill and Grade Project.


9/6/2016: The City Council approved Ordinance 1554 authorizing the issuance of Water and Sewer Revenue Bonds to finance a portion of the cost of constructing a new Public Works Building, etc. View Ordinance 1554.


5/21/2016: [Executive staff] Prepared a professional services agreement with ARC Architects for the completion of the new PW Center materials and storage yard. This will go to Council in June.

5/7/2016: Closed on the former Smith property in Eastown, which will expand the parcel on which to build the public works center, making it easier to site the facility, install utilities, avoid wet-lands, and align the roadways.

3/19/2016: Phase 1 ~ Preparing to award design contracts for the 217th Ave site and 225th Ave site water-sewer lines.

3/12/2016: [Executive staff] Met with ARC architects in Seattle to review the public works center project, the addition of the Smith piece, the staffing plan, and next steps. A couple of professional services agreements will be presented to council, one for the work on the 96th St. tank site PW yard, and the one for the 225th St PW Center.

3/1/2016: Jim Nelson presented information to the City Council on utility bonds for the proposed Public Works Center at the March 1, 2016 City Council Workshop.

August 18, 2015 - 5:30 p.m. ARC Architects will present an update on the new Public Works facility design at the August 18, 2015 City Council Workshop. See the City Council agendas & minutes page for more informaiton.

2/14/2015: Parametrix completed the wetland assessment for the future PWC site in Eastown.

1/24/2015:  Staff gave Parametrix the NTP to prepare a survey, legal description, and topographic survey on the Smith property in Eastown. This easement will be used for future water and sewer lines serving this area in the future, including the utility lines crossing the City owned parcel at 225th Avenue. Don Morrison briefed the CDC on the status of this project on Tuesday.

1/17/2015:  City Administrator, [Public Works] Director, Assistant Director met with ARC staff to review the progress of site utilization planning.

1/10/2015: Began review of proposed site plan proposed for the new PWC on 225th Avenue.

10/25/2014:  Met with ARC architects to review the preliminary site plan options and costs for the new public works center.

June 14, 2014:  225th Ave Public Works Center Site Study ~ Parametrix submitted their preliminary topographic survey and wetland delineation results. Trying to determine the actual location of the WSDOT stormwater line that crosses this property. Seeking info from Community Development Department on the wetland buffer that will be applied to the wetland boundary.

April 22, 2014: The City Council approved AB14-52 – Resolution 2377 for a contract with Parametrix for the Eastown Public Works Center Topographic Survey and Wetland Delineation Update.

April 12, 2014:  PWC 225th Ave Topographical Survey and Wetland Delineation ~ Staff submitted contract to City Council for approval.

March 15, 2014: [Executive Dept] Providing documents and input to the design team for the new public works center.

March 8, 2014: Provided information requested by ARC. Initiated scope of work for Parametrix site survey and wetland assessment.

March 1, 2014:  [Public Works] Director and Assistant Director met with Rex Bond to discuss planning criteria for the two Eastown PWC sites.

January 11, 2014: [Executive Dept] Coordinated with Architect on new Public Works Center project. Gathering base planning information.

November 23, 2013: Wired the earnest money deposit for the Eastown PW center site acquisition.

Press Release: Twenty-Acrew Eastown Property Bought By City

November 19, 2013: The City Council approved Resolution 2349 for a purchase & sale agreement with Union Bank for the Compass Pointe property.


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