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City Project
Project: 192nd Ave Corridor
Address: 192nd Ave (Rhodes Lk Rd to SR 410)
Contact Person: Public Works Director
Contact Number: (253) 447-4347

Project Status and Details:
192nd Ave CorridorAfter a study of the 192nd Avenue Corridor, City staff and the project team recommended adoption of the corridor plan, and the preferred alternative for the 192nd Ave E extension. The team also recommended the construction of the local connections at 103rd Street E and 189th Avenue E, as identified during site plan approvals for Brookside and Fennel Ridge developments.

In February 2006, the City Council adopted the 192nd Avenue Corridor Plan and began Right of Way acquisition and 30% design (per Resolution 1539).

Use the links below to view project information and plans:
¤  192nd Corridor Area Map (820 K)
¤  192nd Ave Corridor Concept Cross Section (757 K)
¤  192nd Ave Corridor Study (available to download in 4 parts)
        Part 1 (3.5 M)
        Part 2 (3.7 M)
        Part 3 
(3.9 M)
        Part 4 (4.3 M)

Land Acquisition -
The 192nd Avenue Right-of-Way plans were approved by the Council in June 2007 (Resolution 1704). The land acquisition proecess is ongoing as funds become available and as agreements with property owners are completed.

Sewer & Water Improvements - The City will build new water and sewer infrastructure along 192nd Ave from SR 410 South to the end of the public road. The construction date has not yet been set.

Project Updates:
From public notices and the Mayor's Weekly Newsletter (sign up to receive newsletters)

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