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¤  Administrative Services ¤ Municipal Court
¤  Building Permits ¤ Planning Permits
¤  Code Enforcement ¤ Police Department
¤  Community Development ¤ Public Works Permits
¤  Executive Department ¤ Special Events
¤ Finance Department ¤ Contacts

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Administrative Services 

City Clerk, Human Resources, Senior Center, Information Services
Pages:  Employment / HR 
             City Clerk 
             Administrative Services 
             Senior Center

Revised Building Codes effective July 12, 2013 - View Details

Apply and Pay Online
Now you can apply for 15 types of permits through the 
Online Services system!

Building Permits 

Pages: Building Services
            Building Permits
            Growth & Development
            Community Development

  • Miscellaneous Permit (82 K)
    Application for: Bulkhead, Dock, Demolition, Retaining Wall, Underground Vault, Building over Counter, and/or Footing/Foundation Only permits.

Code Enforcement

Pages:     Code Enforcement
Request for Action - Code Enforcement Complaint

Executive Department & Special Events

Pages:   Special Events 
              Business Licenses
Community Garden Plot Request Form (2011)
Special Events Forms:
  » Parade or Special Event Permit  
» View the Special Events page for information and forms related to specific events.

Finance Department

Pages:  Utility Billing
             Business Licenses
             Finance Dept

Alarm Permit Application - Via ATB Services
Animal License Application - Via Metro Animal Services
Boat Launch Pass Form  (See also Boating page)
Business Licenses
  » Business License - WA State Master License Service (External Link)
» Home Occupation Application 
» Nightclub License Application 
» Peddler's License
Utility Billing Forms
  » Application for Utility Services
» Leak Adjustment Request
» Request for Account Changes 
» Request to Bill Tenant 
» Senior Citizen/Disabled Discount Application

Municipal Court

Pages:  Municipal Court
Passport Forms - Visit  
Records Request Form

Planning Permits

Pages:  BLMC Chapter 3.68 (Fees)  
             Planning Division
             Growth & Development 
             Community Development
Accessory Dwelling Unit Application
Appeal Application
Bulkhead Permit
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application
Conditional Use Permit
Critical Aras Variance
Design Review Application
Dock Permit Information Handout
Home Occupation Application
Land Clearing / Tree Removal
Master Land Use Application
Pre-Application Conference Form
Planning Permit Extension Application
Property Owner Granting Authorization to Act
Rezone Application
Sensitive Areas Checklist
SEPA Environmental Checklist
SEPA Environmental Review Submittal Form
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
  » Shoreline Permit Handout
  » JARPA Application
Sign Permit
Street Vacation
Subdivisions - Short Plat, Plat, Boundary Line Adjustments, Lot Combinations
  » Boundary Line Adjustment  
» Declaration of Lot Combination (Word Document)
» Lot Combination
» Preliminary Plat  
» Final Plat
» Short Plat  
» Plat Alteration
Temporary Permit  
          For contractor’s trailers, sales trailers, Christmas Tree stands and other temporary sales, etc.
Temporary Sign Permit
Type 1 Commercial Application Checklist
Type 3 Commercial or Multi-Family Checklist
Variance Application

Police Department

Pages:  Police Department
Citizen’s Academy (Online Form)
Concealed Pistol License Application
Complaint Form
Request for Disclosure of Public Records - Police
Residential Vacation Check Request
Ride-Along Waiver

Public Works

Pages:  Public Works Department
             Public Works Permits

Adopt-A-Street Packet (90 K)
Affidavit of No Liens (9 K)
Backflow Prevention - See Water Division Page

» List of Approved Backflow Testers (34 K) 
» Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report (54 K)

Bill of Sale (19 K)
Certificate of Water or Sewer Availability (See Building Permits, above)
Civil Permit Application Form (64 K)
Civil Permit Resubmittal Application Form (62 K)
Developer Extension Checklist (10 K)
Developer's Maintenance Bond (22 K)
Easement Forms:
  » Easement for Sanitary Sewer Mains & Appurtenances (102 K)  
» Easement for Storm Sewer Mains & Appurtenances (116 K)  
» Easement for Water Mains & Appurtenances (54 K)
Encroachment Permit Application (160 K)
Owner Responsibility & Maintenance Agreement (Vegetation Maintenance) (19 K)
Performance Bond (12 K)
Public Works Inspection Cost Estimation Worksheet (35 K)
Road Approach/Right of Way Application (2.8 M)
Single Family Residential Infiltration System Application (88 K)
Utility Service Annexation Covenant (14 K)



If you have any questions or difficulty locating a form, please contact the City Hall receptionist at (253) 862-8602, or call the appropriate department directly:

Administrative Services Department (253) 862-8602
Community Development - Building, Planning (253) 447-4356
Executive Department - Special Events (253) 447-3281
Finance Department - Utilities (253) 447-4317
Municipal Court (253) 862-6606
Police Department (253) 863-2218
Public Works Department (253) 447-4341


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