Bonney Lake Winter Storm Update 2/10/19 2PM

Below is the latest information for Sunday, February 10:

  • The City continues to keep all five plows with sanders busy. These extended events (of which we haven’t had many in our history) are taxing on our equipment and resources, including staff. We’d like to give a big thank you to our public works street and maintenance team as they continue to be available around the clock.
  • Public Works crews continue to work 24/7 trying to keep the slick areas to a minimum. We started reaching out into residential areas yesterday and will continue to do so. If you haven’t seen us yet, we’ll hopefully be there soon. If you need to report a road concern after hours call police dispatch at 253-841-5431. However, please remember that as snow starts to fall we need to go back to making SR410 and the other major arterials and collectors our priority.
  • It’s going to be a long week ahead. Weather forecasters are predicting 1-4 inches of snow possible starting mid-afternoon today with another round starting Monday evening/night with as much as 8 inches. For the latest weather updates, visit Today is a good day to replenish emergency kits, clear sidewalks, and prepare for a snowy week ahead.
  • Officials are urging residents to stay home and off the roads if at all possible.
  • When needed, WSDOT will continue to assist as best they can with applying a sand/salt mix on SR410 as they pass through and we’ll continue plowing and applying sand according to our established routes. We, as well as many other jurisdictions, are still awaiting delivery of rock salt products. We hope to have it early this week.
  • As you may have heard, in preparation for more snow, the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District will be closed Monday, 2/11/19 ( City street maintenance staff is in communication with the School District and we are coordinating with them on maintaining bus routes as best as we can.
  • As a reminder, here is a link to the Snow and Ice Control Route Map ( SR410 and arterials/collector streets off of SR410 remain a priority and crews will address residential areas as resources are available. See tips on how you can help below.

Residents and drivers can help by:

  1. Park all vehicles, trailers, and boats off of streets until the snow is removed. Ridges of snow pushed up by snow plows around vehicles parked on streets will freeze. This can prevent or slow down future snow removal and may cause accidents when any vehicle hits them.
  2. Give sand trucks and snow plow vehicles plenty of room. Don’t follow too closely – equipment could slide sideways or backwards at any time. Don’t pass these vehicles if you can avoid it. Be patient.
  3. Drive Defensively. Sand trucks will generally only be used on hills and intersections. Other areas will remain icy. Slow down and increase distance from the vehicle in front of you. Four wheel drive vehicles may help gain traction initially; but once you start sliding, are no better than any other.
  4. Clear snow from sidewalks in front of your house or business as soon as possible, but not later than 12 hours after snow has ceased to fall. This is to prevent the snow from turning to ice in front of your house creating a hazard for pedestrians or forcing them to walk in the street.
  5. Do not place snow removed from driveways or sidewalks onto the street.
    1. Aim snow blowers into front yards away from sidewalks, the landscape strip and the street. Ice and rocks, as well as powder snow are blown out many feet. This material can hit parked or passing cars, which can cause damage to those vehicles as well as possible accidents. Also, snow blown onto the street will freeze and become a slick spot, which may easily cause accidents.
    2. Place snow shoved into your driveways by snow plows onto the area between your sidewalk and curb, the landscape strip; but not into the street or gutter. Otherwise, if this pile of snow is shoved back into the street, it will freeze and become hidden by new snow. Then, when snow plows or other vehicles hit that pile of ice, they can be shoved back into the traffic lanes and can easily hit passing or parked cars. Also, placing this snow into the gutter will slow down or block drainage causing flooding when the snow melts.
  6. Volunteer your services. Check on your neighbors to ensure everyone’s safety. Help your neighbors who can’t clear their own driveways and sidewalks.
  7. Remove snow from around fire hydrants near your home. Can help save lives and property.
  8. Clear snow from around mailboxes. Sometimes snow plow crews do not get snow plowed all the way to the curb and block the mailbox. Clearing this snow will help keep mail delivery vehicles from blocking traffic and help prevent accidents for mail deliverers and residents alike.

For additional winter weather safety tips, visit: For the latest weather updates, visit

If you have any questions, please call the City of Bonney Lake during business hours at 253-862-8602 or to report a road concern afterhours call police dispatch at 253-841-5431. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @CityBonneyLake.

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