Tacoma Water PFAS Sampling

A news report was aired recently citing concerns over sampling results that indicated Tacoma Water had increased levels of PFAS contaminants in their water. A few facts:

Tacoma Water is completely safe to drink.

  • The water sample that indicated the elevated levels of PFAS was from only one source, Well 10C, located at 7440 S. Cedar Street in Tacoma. This well has been closed.
  • The only people who may have received water with potentially elevated PFAS levels were those who went to this well site at 7440 S. Cedar Street in Tacoma and filled their own containers.
  • The water that Bonney Lake receives does not come from or mix with any water from this well.
  • Water received from Tacoma Public Utilities in the City of Bonney Lake is from the Green River Watershed.

There have been no PFAS detected in any water received from the Green River Watershed. More Info here: Green River Watershed


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