Removing Leaves and Debris from Catch Basins Help Keep Water Flowing

As summer ends and leaves start to fall, remember this: Leaves that collect on top of catch basins in the streets block rainwater from entering the storm drain system, creating flooding in streets in your neighborhood.
The City of Bonney Lake Public Works staff performs a variety of maintenance activities throughout the year to keep the insides of catch basins free of debris. You can help. All you need is a rake, shovel, or broom and a receptacle.
What you can do
– Clear leaves from catch basins near your and even a neighbor’s house or business. Dispose of leaves with yard waste.
– Clear other debris from on top of catch basins. Place this debris in a trash can.
– Sweep debris from your sidewalk and driveway. Put debris in a trash can. Do not sweep debris into the gutter or catch basin. This is against the City‘s code.
In the winter, keep the catch basins flowing by removing snow and ice from the grate.

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