2018 Street Chip Seal Program

The City of Bonney Lake will be applying a chip seal to four street locations this year (see link to map below):

  • Sky Island Drive from 97th Street East to Rhodes Lake Road
  • Van Dyke Street from Angeline Road to 184th Avenue East
  • 104th Street East from 200th Avenue Court East to 192nd Avenue East
  • Brookside Drive from 200th Avenue Court East to 104th Street East

You might have noticed all the black tar lines and asphalt patching on these streets, they are a result of severe cracking in the pavement surface. These cracks were recently sealed to prevent further water damage to street surface.

A chip seal consists of applying an emulsified liquid asphalt to the surface, covering the liquid asphalt with 3/8” chip rock and rolling it in with a 9-wheel pneumatic roller. The following day the contractor will come back and sweep the excess rock from the surface. Within the following week, the contractor will come back and apply a fog seal to the chipped surface to seal the rock down. Once the fog seal is applied the contractor will have to keep traffic off of the street until the material snaps off (solidifies). This will stop the rock from being displaced by the friction of vehicle tires. A short time later, the street will re-striped and all should be back to normal.

City crews will do their best to minimize the impact of loose rock between the chip seal and the fog seal. In the interim, please be patient and drive slowly on the freshly surfaced street.

The projected start date for the contractor to is Monday, August 6. City crews will set signs stating “This Street Will Be Chip Sealed Next Week” a week before the chip seal and “This Street Will Be Chip Sealed Tomorrow” will be set the day before the chip seal.

If you have any questions, contact Public Works at 253-862-8602.

2018 Chip Seal Map

2018 Chip Seal Map

2018 Chip Seal Map

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