WSDOT asks for community input on reducing SR 410 congestion between Bonney Lake and Enumclaw

The Washington State Department of Transportation is encouraging the public to participate in an online survey to identify ways to reduce congestion on State Route 410. The survey includes questions about the White River Bridge as well as potential improvements for travelers who ride bicycles or walk.

This study area covers the SR 410 corridor between 234th Avenue E. in Bonney Lake and Garrett Street in Enumclaw. The online survey results will help WSDOT better understand how people use the corridor and what transportation issues matter most to them.

“The information we receive from this survey will help us identify potential strategies for reducing congestion along the corridor,” said WSDOT Planning Manager Dennis Engel. “We encourage people to give us their thoughts.”

The survey is open for public comment through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, July 22.

WSDOT SR 410 Congestion Study Map

WSDOT SR 410 Congestion Study Area Map

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6 Responses to WSDOT asks for community input on reducing SR 410 congestion between Bonney Lake and Enumclaw

  1. Donna Frazier says:

    Needs to be four lanes with a second bridge over the white river.

  2. Debbra Acker says:

    2 lanes going both directions with a median, including over the bridge. Make designated Uturns so people aren’t stopping traffic trying to turn into parking lots. Fix the new light in Buckley by Bluemax. Install speed cameras to help pay for it.

  3. Patrick Teffs says:

    The horse has left the stable. Once the cities started to rubberstamp all of these building projects, the battle was lost. The Lure of the almighty dollar is too strong for the cities to restrict building. If more lanes are added, it will simply lead to more building, needing more lanes, more traffic, etc. A never ending cycle. Put building moratoriums in place in Bonney Lake, Buckley, and Enumclaw, along with some traffic enhancements, and then maybe you will get a handle on traffic. We will look like Federal Way or Tacoma before you know it.

  4. James Hall says:

    Building a 2nd Bridge next to the first for the traffic heading into Buckley. It would or could be similar to what they did for the Narrows Bridge. It, then can be modified for both ways if the other bridge needs to go down for maintenance. Perhaps old Puyallup Meridian Bridge can be dismantled then rebuilt over the river there. Interesting thought.

    • HI James,
      I liked your comment about the old puyallup meridian bridge being used because I go to Puyallup all the time and that poor bridge is just sitting there not being used. I really hope they decide to use that bridge for something.

  5. Angie says:

    So does this mean that city or county will try and (buy) home owners property?
    Hope not. Doing that will still not solve the issue on this hill. 167 is still not figured out
    Just my opinion

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