Allan Yorke Park Boat Launch Reopened

The City of Bonney Lake’s boat launch at Allan Yorke Park has reopened to the public following the assembly of the barges for the Lake Tapps Trestle Repair Project. The boat launch is anticipated to temporarily close in the middle of July in order to remove the barges. An update will be posted closer to the date.


About the project:
The portion of the City’s water and sewer systems that serves the Inlet Island area uses a trestle bridge to extend the system across the entry flume to Lake Tapps. This trestle has standing pilings in the lake’s water and after many years the pilings are showing severe age and are needed to be replaced. The City has awarded a contract with Rognlin’s, Inc., to replace the aging pilings. As part of the project, the contractor is required to build a barge with a crane to complete the work. The contractor will build and launch their barge at the City’s boat launch. Once constructed, the barge will be moved into the location at the City’s trestle to complete the work. The contractor has scheduled the construction of the barge over a two day period. Once the work is completed, the contractor will return the barge to the City’s boat launch and dissemble the barge.

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