Bonney Lake Water Meter Testing Summary

In response to certain citizen concerns regarding water meter accuracy, the City of Bonney Lake Water Utility sent 43 water meters for many of the customers that had submitted complaints to an independent testing lab in Everett. These included radio-read, wand, and manual meters. The results of testing were mailed to the individual customers involved last week.

The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 246-290-496, establishes the acceptable water meter accuracy range as +/- 1.50%. Essentially, a meter within the range of 98.5% to 101.5% is legally deemed accurate for billing purposes.

The results of the independent testing were as follows:

  • 3 meters out of the 43 meters tested failed to comply with the accuracy standards. All of these meters failed the test by under registering the flow of water. One was a Precision manual read meter with an overall accuracy was 92.46%, and two were Neptune touch read meters that registered 80.42% and 91.71% overall.
  • Of the 43 meters tested, 1 tested at 100% overall accuracy, 19 tested between 100-101.25% overall accuracy, and 23 tested between 80.42-100% overall accuracy. The Neptune radio read meters tested between 98.51% and 100.76% overall accuracy. The most accurate meters, as a group, were the Neptune radio read meters.
  • No meter proved to register more water (within the 98.5-101.5% accuracy tolerance range) than was actually put through it, which indicates that customers did in fact use the amount of water for which they were billed.

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