Crime Prevention Tip of the Month

December – Park Smart

Criminals commonly walk and drive through parking lots looking for vehicles with unlocked doors or valuables left out in the open.  It only takes seconds for your car door to be opened or your windows to be broken.  If you must leave valuables in a vehicle, conceal them before arriving at your parking space. Criminals may watch you leave one store with merchandise and follow you to your next shopping location.

The Bonney Lake Police Department does not want you to be the next victim and wants you to remember to secure your vehicle every time you park; lock car doors, roll up windows, use your alarm system and consider installing a CLUB on your steering wheel.

  • Prepare –         Conceal all valuables EVERY TIME you park and lock your car before walking away.
  • Aware –           Know what attracts the Grinch; iPods, cell phones, chargers, CDs, GPS units, shopping
  • bags, wrapped presents, loose change, boxes, purses, checkbooks or other papers that     could be used in Identity Theft.
  • Report –           If you see something suspicious or hear a car alarm, Report it.
  • Know –             Know where to park, front of store, well light areas and in the open.
  • Bonney Lake Police Department is committed to assist citizens in having a safe holiday season and want to make sure you PARK SMART!
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