Crime Prevention Tip of the Month

September-Fraud Prevention

What should you do if you learn your identity has been stolen?
• Call your bank immediately
• Call law enforcement and file a report. A police report that provides specific details of the identity theft is considered an Identity Theft Report, which entitles you to certain legal rights when it is provided to the three major credit reporting agencies or to companies where the thief misused your information.

• Carry only what you need in your wallet/purse. This includes removing things like your social security card, voter registration card, extra credit cards, birth certificate, etc., and storing them in a secure location.
• Know what is in your wallet so you know who to contact in the event you do lose it.
• Be alert when online. In 2014 47% of American adults had their personal information stolen from hackers.
• Over 4,000 cyber-attacks occur each day.


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