Public Works explains… What is a stormwater pond?

Each summer staff in Public Works get questions about stormwater ponds – what are they for? how do they work? how often are they maintained and mowed?

To help answer these questions, we have added more information to the city website.

Search for “Stormwater” on the homepage and find the Public Works > Stormwater page. It’s full of information including a map and the City’s maintenance schedule for stormwater ponds.

What are stormwater ponds?

Stormwater ponds are manmade features generally located near your neighborhood or business. They are designed to mimic the ecological function of naturally occurring ponds and wetlands. Water from these ponds drains to a lake, river, stream, wetland, or may infiltrate into the ground. Read more…

Who maintains Bonney Lake’s ponds?

Public stormwater ponds are maintained by City crews. The Stormwater Utility has two full time employees responsible for maintaining nearly 120 acres of stormwater ponds. This is in addition to 40 miles of stormwater mains, 2,007 catch basins, 78 miles of swales and ditches and many other pieces of stormwater infrastructure. During the summer months, 6 to 7 temporary employees are hired by the City to assist the full time Stormwater Utility employees. Read more…

How can I help?

The biggest impact homeowners and businesses can have is to prevent pollutants from entering these ponds. Ponds are designed to remove pollutants, but they are not able to remove all pollutants.

In particular, soaps used to wash cars cannot be removed by ponds and actually suspend other pollutants to reduce the effectiveness of ponds. Don’t wash your car in a place that drains into a pond. Using natural yard care practices and limiting the use of chemicals around the home are good measures everyone can take to reduce the source of pollutants, rather than relying on imperfect pond facilities to remove those pollutants. Read more…


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