Updated – Automated garbage service is coming to Bonney Lake!

Garbage BinsCustomers in Bonney Lake will begin automated garbage collection services starting November, 2014.

D.M. Disposal will provide specialized wheeled ‘carts’ to customers, and new trucks will collect garbage with mechanical arms instead of manual labor.


  • View FAQs about automated service from D.M. Disposal’s website – http://murreysdisposal.com/faq.aspx
  • Sample carts have been placed at the Bonney Lake Justice & Municipal Center Lobby so customers can see the different sizes available and learn about the change.

More information on the switch to automated service is coming soon – keep an eye out for flyers and more information online in the coming weeks:



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7 Responses to Updated – Automated garbage service is coming to Bonney Lake!

  1. loopywbrains says:

    Your link to http://www.murreysdisposal.com returns a 404 error.

    • loopywbrains says:

      Sorry, I copied the wrong link… http://murreysdisposal.com/faq.aspx returns a 404. The other one is fine.

      • Susan @ City of Bonney Lake says:

        Thanks for letting us know about this issue! There was an extra space in our URL link. It has been fixed and updated and should work now. If you still have trouble, you can find the FAQs from the Murreys Disposal home page: select ‘FAQs’ from the top-level menu and then click the ‘Automated Garbage Service FAQ’ link on the page to view details.

  2. Andrea says:

    Will this apply to us in unincorporated areas (like Tehaleh)? If not now- will it eventually?

  3. Susan @ City of Bonney Lake says:

    Hi Andrea – this service change is for customers inside the Bonney Lake city limits only, as part of the City’s agreement with DM Disposal. It does not apply to customers in Tehaleh and other parts of unincorporated Pierce County. Please contact DM Disposal directly to find out about services for your area – via email at DMDisposal@WasteConnections.com or call Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm at 253-414-0347.

  4. Judy says:

    Can we download the recycling sticker foe recycling the old garbage can in Bonney lake? My child’s watered spilled over the last one and the papers were tossed.

  5. Susan @ City of Bonney Lake says:

    Hi Judy – We called DM Disposal and they suggest you make your own note and stick it on the can to be recycled, and the driver should be able to pick it up. To be safe you can call them directly at 253.414.0347 and give them your address so they can make a note for the driver on your route!

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